Helldivers 2 CEO wants funny mechanic left in the game, tells devs not to patch it

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A new mechanic was recently discovered in Helldivers 2 that causes players to take less damage from falling by using an emote mid-flight. This results in approximately 50% less damage being taken. Many expected it to be patched in a future update, but it now looks like it could be kept in and made into a feature.

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Shams Jorjani took to X to acknowledge the recently discovered mechanic that causes players not to take as much damage if they fall while using an emote. This led to the community spending much of the day trying to fall from high places in increasingly amusing ways and survive. I don’t even want to know how many Helldiver’s lives were lost while the community created its own version of Jackass.

In his post on X, Jorjani tagged the Helldivers 2 developers saying “can we please, please keep this?” while also replying to a player saying “we’ll add inflatable bouncy bags that deploy from under your arm pits if we have to. c’mon! we have the technology – where there’s a will there’s a way!”

@Domino_Krieger replied to Jorjani with a great suggestion that the developers should add “mid-air emotes? Like “cannonball”, or an elbow drop?” I hope these get added to future Warbonds.

Now that it has been acknowledged by the CEO who seems to like it, this should mean that it will stay in Helldivers 2. Despite being an unintended mechanic, it does suit the theme of the game, especially as some of the most popular emotes are based on teamwork and democracy, so it seems fitting that they will save you from certain death.

This will have certainly come in handy during the latest Major Order that saw players defend X-45 from the Automatons. As a reward, the community was able to unlock the new Commando Rocket Launcher which has so far beej a huge hit. There is some downtime at the minute while players wait for the next Major Order to begin, which is the perfect opportunity to try out the new Rocket Launcher, as well as optimizing your loadout to prepare for the next Major Order. To do this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide.

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