Halo fan calls on 343 to add mods to Xbox via… a Times Square billboard

Halo fan calls on 343 to add mods to Xbox via… a Times Square billboard
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With the recent update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection adding a load of unreleased Halo content including some Halo Online maps, console players have been feeling a little left out as they can’t currently access any mods for the game on Xbox. However, one fan of the series has taken it upon themselves publically call on 343 Industries to bring mods to Halo MCC via a Take Over Times Square slot.

Halo modder and content creator, The Vengeful ‘Vadam took to Twitter to share the below screenshot of their booked Take Over Times Square ad that included the hashtag, BringHaloModsToXbox. Taking to the Halo Reddit they expanded on their reasoning behind the ad saying, “As someone who mods Halo MCC, it’d be a dream come true for console players to have access to my mods, as well as the fantastic mods made by others!”

Credit: The Vengeful ‘Vadam

Players were quick to show their support for the call and even a 343 employee commented below the Reddit post saying, “I do really hope we can do this for you all someday, this was a fun one to share around the office yesterday”. However, this wasn’t the only Halo-themed billboard to make its way to Times Square as another ad appeared directly after Vadam’s showing a picture of Halo 3 Master Chief with the caption, “Reject modernity. Return to tradition. Let’s party like it’s 2007 again. #BringBackClassicHalo”.

Image Credit: The Vengeful ‘Vadam

Hopefully, this means we’ll see 343 bring mods to MCC on Xbox at some point in the future. What’s fair to say though is that these examples perfectly represent the spirit of the Halo community when it’s at its best. In more Halo news, Halo Infinite players are loving the return of these classic maps and 7 iconic weapons Halo Infinite needs ASAP.

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