7 iconic weapons Halo Infinite needs ASAP

7 iconic weapons Halo Infinite needs ASAP
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Halo Infinite’s sandbox of weapons is, for the most part, balanced pretty well to allow for a range of different ways to engage on the battlefield. However, Infinite’s weapon roster is also one of the smallest we’ve seen in Halo to date. Fans were also sad to see the absence of some of the series’ most iconic weapons in this latest entry in the Halo series. So, with that in mind here are seven iconic weapons we think Halo Infinite needs to bring back ASAP.

Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is arguably the most recognizable Covenant weapon in the entire Halo series alongside the Plasma Pistol and Energy Sword. Despite being a mainstay in multiple Halo games since the series began in 2001, it has bee

n noticeably absent from 343-led original Halo projects, except for its appearance in Halo 5: Guardians. While weapons like the Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite have attempted to fill the gap left by the Plasma Rifle it simply doesn’t hit the same. It also lacks the alien style of the Plasma Rifle. The Pulse Carbine instead looks like a regular rifle weapon but with a few LEDs attached. The Plasma Rifle felt like an alien weapon to use as a Spartan in previous games and that’s what made it so special.

Halo Infinite weapon returns

Grenade Launcher

Currently, the only explosive weapon we have in Halo Infinite that comes close to the Grenade Launcher is the Cindershot. While the Cindershot is certainly a welcome addition to the weapons roster and acts as a sort of combination between the Fuel Rod Cannon and Grenade Launcher, it’s fair to say that having an alternative to the weapon in certain modes and maps would be a welcome addition to Infinite’s sandbox. Its inclusion could even replicate the Sniper Rifle and Skewer swap out on certain maps or the Commando Rifle and Battle Rifle.

Halo Infinite weapon returns


I’m going to be the first to say that Halo Infinite’s Stalker Rifle is totally fine. It acts as a Banished version of the DMR and I’m all for it. However, Halo Infinite really doesn’t have a Covenant/Banished weapon that even competes with the UNSC Battle Rifle. The Pulse Carbine isn’t even close. The Carbine is the perfect choice to fill that gap in the game’s sandbox. It’s precise but can be fired at speed which ultimately balances out with the UNSC Commando Rifle and Battle Rifle. Plus having the Banished red design on a Carbine would be beautiful to see.

Halo Infinite weapon returns


Halo Infinite definitely has a close-quarters problem when it comes to kinetic weapons. Sure the Assault Rifle and Bulldog offer some choices when engaging an enemy in close quarters. However, having a weapon like the SMG would be a welcome return to Infinite’s gameplay loop. It wouldn’t outperform the Assault Rifle at medium or long range but would be the perfect choice for those looking to tear through Spartan’s shields up close when a Bulldog isn’t available.

Halo Infinite weapon returns

Classic Shotgun

Speaking of the Bulldog, if Halo Infinite Season 4’s inclusion of Infection has done one thing it’s that it’s made players miss the classic Shotgun. There’s just something about the frantic loading of a single shell into the M45 and M90 that made it such a great risk-reward weapon in game modes like Infection. Having this introduced into regular multiplayer too would also incentivize players to actually use the game’s shotgun. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen players use the Bulldog outside of Infection and Super Fiesta. The classic Shotgun would not only offer a sound alternative but also would probably see more usage than the current shotgun.

Halo Infinite weapon returns

Beam Rifle

Despite the Skewer acting as a combination of the Sniper Rifle and the now absent Spartan Laser in multiplayer the only real reliable option for sniping in Halo Infinite for most players is to use the UNSC Sniper Rifle. The game’s only Sniper Rifle. Don’t get me wrong, I love the UNSC Sniper Rifle but there’s something to be said for reintroducing the original Beam Rifle into BTB maps at the very least. It realistically only acts as a cosmetic change but having this weapon make a return would offer a nice change in pace for all its minor gameplay differences.

Halo Infinite weapon returns

Fuel Rod Gun

I love the M41 SPNKR as much as the next guy but why has every other rocket-inspired weapon been stripped from Halo’s sandbox in Halo Infinite? Honestly, the return of the Fuel Rod Cannon wouldn’t act as a complete duplicate of the rockets but would at least offer an alternative way of utilizing a rocket-based weapon. Being able to bounce a Fuel Rod shot off a wall could open up new ways to interact with Infinite’s maps while also being a rival to the SPNKR. Infinite’s development team would likely need to sort out the inconsistent SPNKR splash damage before even adding the Fuel Rod Cannon though. Needless to say, it’d be a great addition.

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