Gun Game set to return with the release of MW2 Season 2

Gun Game set to return with the release of MW2 Season 2
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Another fan-favorite CoD game mode is set to return as Infinity Ward has now confirmed through an official post that the exciting Gun Game will be making its way to MW2 as part of its Season 2 update.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the popular fast-paced match offering, Gun Game is essentially a free-for-all match that starts you out with a basic firearm like a pistol. By getting a kill, you’ll be able to upgrade and progress through a certain order of weapons until you reach the final one, which will grant you the win as soon as you get a frag with it.

The announcement came as a pleasant surprise to most of the community as the developers had already announced the inclusion of Infected previously. A large number of players commenting under Infinity Ward’s official statement are predictably excited as they have long been waiting for the reintroduction of this enjoyable match offering.

Unfortunately, there are still a few players that aren’t fully satisfied with what’s being given. One response in particular is asking for even more content through the addition of new maps. Another individual poked fun at the incomplete nature of the game by asking when they can expect the final release of MW2.

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This latest reveal is seemingly part of the developer’s efforts to be more communicative when it comes to their current and future plans for their latest franchise installment. Though most users are apparently still skeptical of the developer’s attitude as a whole, Infinity Ward’s current efforts to continuously bring more enjoyable content to their game is definitely being appreciated by a portion of the previously dissatisfied player base.