Warzone 2 community frustrated due to lack of rejoin option

Warzone 2 community frustrated due to lack of rejoin option
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The Warzone 2 community is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current state of the game. Numerous glitches and absent features have caused the game’s player base to constantly criticize Infinity Ward’s latest battle royale title.

This time around, a new issue has been brought to the fore in the form of a missing rejoin option. The high graphical output and the relatively heavy system requirements of Warzone 2 can often cause players to crash. When this happens, users have no choice but to find another game because there’s no way to re-enter the match.

Multiple Reddit posts were made showing players angrily asking the community why there isn’t currently a rejoin option in place. The question that a user asked in particular was this: “can anyone explain a legitimate technical reason as to why CoD is the only game that doesn’t allow rejoining a previous game in progress?”

Responses under the same thread echo the poster’s sentiment. Another commenter had this to say: “Because for years they only know how to make a 6v6 and rejoin doesn’t matter much. Programming-wise, it’s not trivial but not so hard either. They just don’t want to put the effort in.” Another reply added that the game’s removal of the play again with teammates feature is another “braindead omission” by the developers.

The complaints being mentioned are obviously not without merit. After all, a rejoin option is a basic feature that most FPS titles have. Whether Infinity Ward and Activision address it or not still remains to be seen. However, the amount of noticeable glitches and omitted features may eventually cause most of its player base to leave the game entirely.