GTA 6 fans are amazed at realistic body physics for woman running on beach

GTA 6 fans are amazed at realistic body physics for woman running on beach
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Grand Theft Auto 6 is the biggest thing to happen in December, and it’s only a trailer of less than two minutes. Although short, the gaming community has already fallen in love with the new male and female dynamic duo, as well as the setting and clear social media influence. While the main characters and setting are massive, arguably the most impressive aspect of the trailer is the NPCs and graphics. Fans are obsessively analyzing every microscopic detail of the GTA 6 trailer, and lots of GTA 6 fans are amazed at the realistic body physics of a fit woman simply running on the beach.

After coming out at the beginning of the month, there are several things we have learned from the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. The new female protagonist is Lucia and she already has an army of simps, it is a return to the wonderful locale of Vice City, and it is influenced by the crazy TikTok-centric hellhole we all live in. Controversy has already begun with people like the Florida Joker threatening legal action, and many fans are frustrated about the lack of a PC launch come 2025.

But, away from the few negative headlines, the trailer has wowed the world and gamers cannot wait until its release. Fans are making the wait even more unbearable by watching the trailer over and over again, but it’s at least revealing new and impressive details that are really easy to miss.

GTA 6 realistic body physics

Many GTA 6 fans are really impressed with the realistic body physics portrayed in the trailer. Specifically focusing on the very brief clip full of beachgoers, internet sleuths have pointed out the muscle movements of a fit sporty woman running on the beach. Talking about the body physics on Reddit, fans have created a looping gif of the animation where you can see muscle movements in her legs as well as her faint abs. You can also see slight muscle movements in the arms as well as her hair in a ponytail realistically swaying. Her feet are also realistically kicking up sand with every movement of her jog.

What’s most visually and obviously impressive about the beach scene is all the different body types of the NPCs. Not only that, but also the way they’re realistically acting from simply walking to jogging to spraying sunscreen and taking photos. It adds to the immersion of the open-world setting, and the body physics seen in the Reddit loop is just the icing on the cake. It’s minimal details that not everyone will notice or fully appreciate, but it’s something that is subliminally necessary for extra realism.

GTA 6 body physics on running woman
Screenshot of Reddit post by user Fazersion

The comments in the Reddit thread are obviously full of praise, and user Benados has even pointed out another example of subtle but excellent muscle movement. As claimed by the Reddit user with photo evidence, you can see Lucia’s quad tense when she kicks open the store’s door at the end of the trailer. Another user, initialaudio, says GTA 6 is ‘more like a simulation than a game’ as everything has off-the-chart physics from hair to jewelry to body and clothing.

And this is just all very minimal so far. We haven’t seen what colliding cars look like yet, we haven’t seen the new Vice City drenched in pouring rain, and we haven’t seen how NPCs react to danger. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a graphical marvel and is arguably the greatest open-world game of all time. It’s still early days, but, from what we’ve seen so far, GTA 6 seems poised to be an even bigger leap for Rockstar and the video games industry.

In other GTA 6 news, a former Rockstar dev claims all the scenes in the trailer are done in game. Rockstar also promises that the game will push the limits of what’s possible in a story-driven open-world spectacle.