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Josh Wise by on Jun 22, 2022

Goichi Suda wants Ryan Gosling for a No More Heroes Movie

Goichi Suda, otherwise known as Suda51, has said that he wants Ryan Gosling as Travis Touchdown in a No More Heroes movie.

In an interview with Shacknews, Suda went into details on his dream movie blueprint:

“[For Travis Touchdown,] I’d probably go with Ryan Gosling. And And as director, I’d probably go with James Gunn. Conversely, if we were going to go with a Japanese director, then I’d want to go with Takashi Miike.”

The latter choice isn’t the least bit surprising. In No More Heroes III, Travis talks at length on the relative merits of Miike’s films. And you can sense Suda delighting in airing his own tastes in video-game form.

Plus, the choice of James Gunn for director isn’t surprising, either. Suda worked with Gunn on Lollipop Chainsaw—with the latter co-writing the game’s script. Gunn is now most famously known for his Guardians of the Galaxy movies. (Just last week, we heard that Lollipop Chainsaw is coming back. Though, we don’t know what form that will take.)

The choice of Ryan Gosling for the role of Travis, meanwhile, is obvious. Ryan Gosling is brilliant.

No More Heroes III, the concluding chapter in the trilogy, was an excellent game. In VideoGamer’s review, I said:

“Whether you find the lack of gravitas—or, for that matter, of emotional texture—a problem, No More Heroes III should be played, if for no other reason than it could have been made by nobody else. If you are undecided on the matter, take the leap. It’s hardly serious shit, but I urge you to say screw it.”


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No More Heroes

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