Geoff Keighley sparks GTA 6 hype for Game Awards 2023 with impeccably timed tweet

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The Game Awards is the biggest event of the year for the video games industry. It’s equivalent to the Oscars, yet it’s better because it celebrates the year while also including exciting reveals and trailers for games yet to come out. We already cannot wait to see what’s announced at this year’s ceremony, but Geoff Keighley has gotten people even more excited by building GTA 6 hype for The Game Awards 2023 through an impeccably timed tweet.

Nominees for Game of the Year have not been revealed yet, and there are plenty of games that deserve to be crowned the best game of 2023. Nominees will be announced next week, and possible contenders include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which we gave a 10/10, Baldur’s Gate 3 which is a game of the century contender, and Alan Wake 2 which is a survival horror masterpiece. There’s also Breath of the Wild 2, as well as indie gems such as Dredge.

While the intrigue surrounding game of the year is always high, it’s primarily the trailers and announcements that people tune into the Game Awards to see. There are dozens of titles we hope to see at this year’s festivity, but GTA 6 is definitely the number one priority for many gamers.

Geoff Keighley sparks GTA 6 hype for Game Awards 2023

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Geoff Keighley has gotten lots of people online speculating that GTA 6 could appear at The Game Awards 2023. We previously reported that a GTA 6 reveal and trailer are coming soon according to unidentified sources that spoke to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. Jason Schreier’s tweet about a reveal ‘this week‘ was posted at 2:59 AM GMT on November 8th, and Geoff Keighley then posted on Twitter at 3:16 AM GMT. And, at 1 PM GMT, Rockstar Games confirmed that they are releasing a trailer in December.

Geoff Keighley’s Twitter post is the statement that there are ’30 days until #TheGameAwards on December 7′. There’s no mention of Grand Theft Auto 6 at all, but gamers have assumed nonetheless thanks to the close proximity with the Jason Schreier tweet. In response to Geoff Keighley’s post, there is lots of speculation such as ‘GTA 6 trailer at The Game Awards?!’ and amusing gifs pointing out the coincidence between Geoff Keighley and Jason Schreier’s tweets appearing 20-minutes apart.

The Bloomberg post has turned out to be true. Rockstar has just now confirmed that a trailer is dropping in December which adds further fuel to the fire that the heavily-anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel could appear at The Game Awards. Although there is the possibility it could appear at Geoff Keighley’s event, it’s also highly possible the trailer could drop before or after independent of The Game Awards. Although big, The Game Awards isn’t a platform Rockstar needs as they’re the biggest studio in the business and the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is going to rack up millions of views no matter when or where it debuts. It appearing at The Game Awards would be a massive coup for Geoff Keighley, but, regardless of where, Grand Theft Auto fans are getting a huge Christmas present from Rockstar.

Although GTA 6 is still years from coming out, fans have already shared their wishlists for the game. These include overhauled police AI similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as more wacky odd jobs as side activities.

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