The GTA VI iceberg: wildest rumours and theories contextualised

The GTA VI iceberg: wildest rumours and theories contextualised
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Without officially having been launched, ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ has been driving fans delirious with ideas that it’s going to be released soon. The latest of which has circulated around a GTA 6 reveal trailer, though there’s hardly anything out there to credit those theories.

It’s been over a decade since the release of GTA V and the world is more than ready for its sequel. Thanks for very little suggesting that GTA VI is even coming – years of speculation and theories have provided us with a wealth of false and failed theories to laugh at. We’ve collected and explained key speculations that have appeared through the years, with some yet to be disproven.

Our GTA VI iceberg explains the wildest rumours and theories that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been the subject of over the years – so here goes. And, as a disclaimer, none of the theories below are our own.

A diagram contextualizing the wildest rumours and theories surrounding the GTA VI iceberg.

Tier 1

GTA VI domain names registered

The domain was registered in 2006, while the domain for was registered back in 2002. Neither domains can be accessed via a website, and it’s not quite clear who owns them. It could be Rockstar, right?

Whenever GTA VI release rumours flare up, X blows up with trends for the game. At the time of writing, coincidentally, the game is trending hard. It links in nicely to the GTA VI cycle – a vicious torment for prospective fans teased by Twitter’s trends.


Similar to when GTA trends on Twitter / X, the subreddit for GTA6 also likes to blow up every so often. This is often a hub for all things GTA6 related, though there’s never really much truth in any of the theories posted here. As is the case with all areas of the internet, really.

March 25th

Over three years ago now, GTA VI was rumoured to be revealed on March 25th. Newspapers even published pages headlining “proof Grand Theft Auto reveal is coming today,” though ultimately consumers were let down.


Throughout the years, employees at Rockstar and other affiliated companies have posted LinkedIn updates claiming that they are working on GTA 6. Of course, these are taken down nearly instantly, either due to takedown requests or the sudden realisation they’ve let the beans slip. There’s also a high possibility that these LinkedIn profiles are updated as a joke – knowing how easily the whispers of a rumour can turn into a storm.


Not too long ago, there were rumours that GTA VI was going to require a 750GB download size alongside featuring 400 hours of gameplay. These rumours obviously were sourced pretty sketchily and there’s not really much credibility to them. That said, people were still pretty convinced.

Tier 2

October 24th, 2023

At the time of writing – today – the world watches in anticipation as rumours of a reveal trailer are surging. I refuse to get my hopes up, though. It probably won’t happen (famous last words). Why do people think that GTA VI will be revealed on October 24th? It’s because Rockstar normally reveal their games on Tuesdays.

GTA VI Parent’s Edition

A few weeks ago, someone discovered that GTA VI is apparently rated MA15 on the Australian Classification board. The link provided to the classification board no longer works, meaning it’s hard to verify these claims. In response to the unverified claims, community members have jokingly labelled the game GTA VI Parent’s Edition.


Maybe the only likely information you’ll find in this entire iceberg – dataminers have discovered that GTA VI will probably have beautiful water physics. This is thanks to the RAGE game engine, of which GTA VI will apparently use RAGE version 9. You can read more about RAGE here.

Rockstar Twitter Hack

Last year, a hacker group stole confidential files from a Rockstar employee’s Slack account. Assets and imagery from the game were allegedly leaked, alongside footage of gameplay. Luckily, Rockstar and Take Two were swift in their actions and managed to get all of the content off the internet, though it has since been labelled as one of the biggest theft’s in gaming ever.

Guy A Fortt

An actor by the name of Guy A. Fortt allegedly posted that they featured in GTA 6 at some point. Any information had since been taken down, so it’s difficult to confirm whether or not it was real. Nobody knows what role Guy A. Fortt will be playing in the game, or if he even is, though his name has already gone down in GTA history.

Tim McDowell Map Leak

Now debunked, a man by the name of Tim McDowell had posted an image of GTA-ish theme park. In fact, it’s difficult to say they are now debunked considering they were always meant to be a joke. Tim McDowell is now infamous for posting jesty GTA leaks.

Tier 3

“devolpment hell”

This chunk of the iceberg extends past GTA VI, but might apply to more games as a whole. Often, when games and also films are consistently delayed, the over-the-top talk of development hell is so often spoken about – that it becomes known as some acerbic misspelling of the original phrase. In this instance, devlopment hell. It’s rumoured that the game is so big that it simply can’t be made, but that doesn’t seem very fun so we won’t believe this one.


Not much needs to be said about this one. Looks like people got bored of waiting for GTA6 so they moved on.

The Plane Leak

A couple of years ago, a picture of a yellow plane started appearing on the internet. People theorised that it was a screenshot from the game, which was compelled by the fact that Rockstar were apparently trying so hard to remove it from the internet. People reacted terribly to the design of the plane, saying that it looked far too cartoony. This is yet another reason why leaking in-game content is never helpful for anyone..

Domain, now 21 years old, was updated back in 2019. A combination of things including Rockstar and Cartel led people to believe that the game will be set in the 80s during the rise of the Cartels across South America.

The domain now redirects to Rockstar’s main page, leaving this rumour still entirely possible.

Unreal Engine 5

Years of desperation have led fans to desperate measures. Unreal Engine 5 has been used to create fake concept trailers, many of which have fooled fans into thinking that the game is in-coming. No trailers have been released, nor have any leaks been proven yet, making these even funnier.

The Virginia Dirt Road

There’s a road in Virginia that looks like the Roman numerals for a 6. Ordinarily, this probably wouldn’t really be a GTA VI teaser. Though, this dirt road was discovered thanks to its co-ordinates being posted in a GTA Online video.

An aerial view of a road in a wooded area, contextualized by the wildest rumours and theories surrounding the GTA VI iceberg.
Credit: Eurogamer

As far as clues and teasers go, this is one of the best.

Tier 4


With applications now open for a closed Alpha, Everywher3 is a game developed by GTA’s former boss Leslie Benzies. The game is somewhere between Fortnite, the Metaverse and GTA, and fans who have given up home in seeing GTA VI in recent years are now convinced they’ll see this game before it.


There’s been plenty of leaks suggesting that GTA VI is going to take place in Brazil. Whether or not this is true is pretty irrelevant as this particular topic focuses on a Brazilian leaker who recently posted footage of what looks like the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. Footage was posted to Twitter, though there’s not really any proof it’s actually the game. Like the Unreal Engine 5 trailers, it’s becoming increasingly easy to fake footage using different video tools.

Rockstar Private Videos

According to this recent tweet, Rockstar have posted private videos on their website which seem to indicate that there’s a trailer on the way. I have yet been unable to find these videos on the website, though this tweet claims to have found them.

The Preacher

Sort of infamous within the GTA VI community, The Preacher roams about in GTA Forums, Reddit and more. Monikered by a few different names, this figure has seemingly leaked information about the game in the past. Here’s what someone has said about this mysterious figure:

“FIFTH BIG WEEK! The 5th week of 2022 was from Monday, January 31st to Sunday, February 6th, 2022. ROCKSTAR confirmed the development of the next GTA on FEBRUARY 4th 2022. Feb 4th took place on the 5th week of 2022.
This is just of the Preacher proofs. Especially some dating back to the RDR2 days. There are many other riddles he has posted related to GTA VI, that are still being solved at this moment.”

Another one of the Preacher’s alleged monikers: “gonnaenodaethat” has even become the subject of theory on “Who really was ‘gonnaenodaethat'” one post is titled.

Whether or not any of The Preacher’s theories are true – we’re going to have to wait until the day of judgement (a GTA VI release date announcement.)

Twitch Bans

Fake Rockstar accounts have been banned for offering access to the GTA VI Beta, while GTA 6 has allegedly been banned from being mentioned on the platform.

Tier 5

This deep into the GTA VI iceberg, thinks start to get a bit weird.

The Weeknd

Not long after the Twitch bans, a fake reveal trailer went around that featured Blinding LIghts by the Weeknd in the background. The song has since become somewhat of GTA legend – slightly tongue in cheek – with the association of the song’s themes linking to the 80s.

Since then, it’s become somewhat of GTA lore, featuring heavily in this GTA 6 rumours and leaks starter pack meme.

Palm Tree and Bridge

A few years ago, images of a Palm Tree and Bridge were found that people thought were linked to GTA VI. They assumed that this meant that the game would be linked to Vice City, though it’s a bit of a stretch. Since then, people have theorised that they are in fact psalm trees, and that they’re actually foreshadowing RDR3.

Great Car Steal 6

A game only rivalled by Blue Alive Damnation.


A forum hosted by GTA speculatives. Deciphering this strange corner of the internet is pretty hard, so good luck. Only the most seasoned and delusional Grand Theft Auto fans end up here. Within this place which is “legally No’ A Cult,” fans theorise the plot of the next Rockstar game.

EastEnders Thread

Unfortunately, despite it’s recurrence within my research, I could find no resources fully explaining the fabled EastEnders thread. It has been removed from GTAForums, and there’s no archived history of it. Whether or not it means anything, I can’t say. One can only theorise.

The Moon Itself

Unveiling the wildest rumours and theories surrounding the GTA VI iceberg.
Unveiling the wildest rumours and theories surrounding the GTA VI iceberg.

This one sort of speaks for itself. I’d try and describe what’s happening in this picture, but it’s better just to observe the sheer delirium.

Via @GTAVINewz

The bottom of the Iceberg

Rockstar Says Relax

If you’ve got a bad back, this one will be great for you. It’s a huge stretch.

Recently, GTA 5 Online saw the launch of a Rockstar Says Relax t-shirt. While many though it was a reference to the fact that people need to chill out about GTA VI’s impending release – others actually saw it as a reference to Friends, which was referencing the song Frankie Says Relax.

A song which was released on October 24th in 1983. This date has been mentioned a few times in this iceberg, actually.

Hello to my future son

Others have been waiting so long for GTA 6 that they’ve become entirely disenfranchised from the game. Some have joined the GTA8 subreddit, humouring that it’s going to release in 30 years time. “Hello to my future son,” writes one.

“GTA VI is cancelled”

Years of no word that a game called GTA6 is coming – many have been led to believe that it’s been cancelled. While we know the next Grand Theft Auto game is probably in the works – there’s no saying that it’s definitely going to be Grand Theft Auto 6. We’ll just have to wait and see.