Fragile returns in first Death Stranding 2 – On the Beach gameplay footage

Fragile returns in first Death Stranding 2 – On the Beach gameplay footage
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Tonight’s State of Play gave us our first look at highly anticipated sequel Death Stranding 2, which confirmed not only the rumoured subtitle of On the Beach, but also confirmed the return of Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges, but also Fragile.

It looks like they won’t be the only returnees either – as Troy Baker’s Higgs is also back in this first trailer (with an incredible guitar-gun thing to boot) – but it looks like it’ll greatly expand where you’ll be exploring, with a much greater variety of environments on display than the previous game. And while BB also seems to be back – in a fashion – you’ll now have another companion in the form of a vampire marionette too.

Lots of wackiness in the trailer – so it seems that trademark Kojima oddity will be fully intact – and we’re in for quite a wild ride – with a new subtitle ‘Should we have connected?’. We also got to see Ellie Fannings as yet unnamed character – but the bad news is, that we won’t be seeing the game until 2025 at the earliest – and three years since DS2 was announced in December of 2022.

Director Hideo Kojima also turned up to confirm he’ll be working on a brand new ‘espionage action game’ with Sony after Death Stranding 2 is out of the door. He kept coy as to what it is other than giving it its working title: Physint and that it’ll be an entirely new and original IP. Of course Kojima made his name in the same genre on the Metal Gear Solid series but of course, Konami kept that IP when Kojima left the company in 2015 so Physint will be its own thing. He also revealed it’ll be a sort of hybrid project of both “game” and “movie” – but wouldn’t be drawn on what that meant just yet. However, he did tease that more info will of course be to come when it’s ready. “It is a completely new “Action Espionage” for the next-generation. It will be created using cutting-edge technology and the best talents from around the world, both from film and video games. Of course this is an interactive “game”, but the look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, sound, etc… are all at the next level of “Digital Entertainment” that could be called a “movie”” – is how he put it on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

It certainly won’t be with us for a while however. Indeed – Death Stranding 2 isn’t expected to launch on PlayStation 5 until 2025, so there’s quite some time in the oven for both projects just yet – and that’s not to mention his other recently announced new project with horror movie director Jordan Peele, currently entitled OD. For now, fans will just have to wait for more.