Fortnite just announced another V-bucks refund, check if you’re eligible

Fortnite just announced another V-bucks refund, check if you’re eligible
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Fortnite has a lot of things players can purchase with V-bucks such as skins, weapons, and bundles. Although virtual currency can be unlocked through gameplay, most often it is assembled through spending real-life money. It is very valuable, and Epic Games has just announced another V-bucks refund for Fortnite players provided they are eligible.

It has not begun as of yet, but you will want V-bucks for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. The first revealed teaser has confirmed the start date, meanwhile, Epic Games has revealed the name of the next upcoming season ahead of time. As per usual, there will be a new battle pass of goodies, and the first new battle pass skin has possibly leaked.

While the launch of Season 3 is imminent and exciting, before it begins you will want to make sure if you’re eligible for Epic Games’ latest V-bucks refund scheme.

Epic Games announces another Fortnite V-bucks refund

Another offering of V-bucks refunds is underway for Fortnite players. Per the official fnfeststatus Twitter account, Epic Games is refunding players who purchased the Twenty One Pilots Jam Bundle from the item shop.

Below is the message posted to social media by Epic Games:

‘We have removed the Twenty One Pilots Jam Bundle from the Item Shop after identifying an issue that prevents the correct price from being applied when one or two items in the bundle are already owned. Refunds for the cost difference will be sent to affected players who purchased the bundle.’

Fortnite V-bucks refund 21 pilots
Image credit: @FNFestStatus on Twitter

Before being removed from the item shop by Epic Games, iFireMonkey reported that the bug resulted in the Twenty One Pilots Jam Track bundle costing 1,100 V-bucks. This was due to the bundle’s default ‘floor price’.

Fortnite 21 pilots jam track bug
Image credit: @iFireMonkey on Twitter

There is no mention of when or if the Twenty One Pilots Jam Track bundle will return to the item shop. However, if you purchased it at 1,100 V-bucks despite already owning one or two items, you should be receiving a refund from Epic Games. Typically refunds take a few days to happen, and the announcement from Epic Games was only just posted on May 17th at 5 AM BST.

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