Massive Fortnite leak shows mind-blowing event details

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Fortnite players are currently experiencing another event. This event will introduce the community to the next season, which is scheduled for May 24. The event will have multiple stages, and two of them have already been finished. The next stage will come out on Thursday at approximately 2 PM Eastern Time, and as the new leak shows, it will be incredible.

The Fortnite leak shows a video that reveals all the details regarding the event. Due to this, keep in mind that this article contains many spoilers. Considering that the next stage of the Fortnite event is only a few hours away, you can also get into the game to witness it live.

A new Fortnite leak shows the event video

At approximately 9 AM Eastern Time on Thursday, Epic Games decrypted a couple of event files. These files were then accessed by data miners and leakers, who shared the future event with the rest of the community. The event looks incredible, and you can watch the video of it below. The video was first leaked by notkrae, a popular data miner.

Keep in mind that the video contains massive leaks. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you can watch it live at 2 PM Eastern Time.

As the leak shows, the next stage of the Fortnite event will overload Pandora’s Box and spawn the sandstorm. It appears that players will also be teleported to the sky once this happens. It will all be caused by another lightning strike by the statue at Mount Olympus, which will be the last strike. Fortnite leakers also claim that the sandstorm stage of the event will be active until Saturday, May 18.

At the moment, it’s unknown how many stages the build-up event for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 will exactly have. However, it appears that it will end with Zeus trying to end the world and the loopers doing their best to stop him.

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