Fortnite leak shows release dates of Item Shop skins

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Fortnite’s Item Shop has thousands of cosmetic items, including approximately 2000 skins. Unfortunately, players have no idea when these skins return in most cases. It appears that Epic Games brings them back randomly, which is why it’s impossible to know when they will come back or leave the shop. However, this may change very soon.

Epic is implementing a massive Item Shop change with the release of the next Fortnite season. This change will allow us to know what items are leaving the store, which is very useful. On top of that, a recent leak shows the release dates of many cosmetics items that will return by the end of the current season.

This Fortnite leak shows when certain items will return to the Item Shop

The Fortnite Item Shop will rotate a few more times until the end of the season. Each rotation will bring different cosmetic items, but unfortunately, it’s unlikely that any new skins will come over the next 10 days. With the release of the Titan skin, it appears that Epic Games has concluded the current season in terms of mythology-themed cosmetics.

According to the latest Fortnite leak, many popular cosmetics will come by the end of Season 2, including Marvel and John Wick. This leak comes from NotPalo, one of the most reputable Fortnite leakers. The popular data miner posted an upcoming schedule of the Item Shop, showing the release dates of some cosmetics.

A character in a dark suit and tie is featured in the center, with blurred characters in colorful outfits in the background, reminiscent of a Fortnite leak.
John Wick will soon return to Fortnite’s Item Shop. Image by VideoGamer

Here is the leaked Item Shop schedule:

  • Dahja Cat’s Locker – May 16
  • Loki – May 17
  • Marvel – May 18
  • John Wick – May 18
  • The Walking Dead – May 19
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – May 19 or 20
  • Lewis Hamilton – May 21
  • Star Wars – May 22

The Fortnite leaker pointed out that Epic may change the release dates of some of these cosmetics. However, most of them will likely come out on the dates mentioned above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Kratos will return to Fortnite this season, which is something many players looked forward to. The God of War character was last seen on March 19, 2021.

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