Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge confuses community

Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge confuses community
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If you’re trying to unlock all the cosmetics on the mini pass (including the epic Shredder skin), you’re going to have to complete more than one Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge. This is one of the biggest collaborations in a while and it comes with a lot of tasks for you to complete, but one of them has stumped the community a little bit.

Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge begs the question: How?

One of the Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge quests is to hit someone without looking at them. At first glance, this seems borderline impossible. Even if you don’t ADS and hipfire away, you’re still aiming at and looking at them. That’s why Reddit u/Rough_Director3615 posed the question, “How in the ever living f**k do I hit someone without looking at them?”

A screenshot of a map in fort royale showing the Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge that has confused the community.
Image via u/Rough_Director3615 on Reddit

This got the community talking, since they basically all had to do the same challenge in order to get the coveted 300 ooze for the mini pass. u/imalonexc said, “Maybe a clinger or something? Or turret if that counts for it.” This is true, these are two of the ways to hit players while not actively looking at them. The turret, which the original poster tried successfully, is perhaps the easiest way.

u/KillingIsBadong added, “Rockets too. Fire and forget.” This one is a little more tricky since it’s actually quite hard to hit someone with the anvil rocket launcher unless you find a bot who isn’t moving or someone who is AFK. Others suggested sniping from a distance and then turning away immediately, but that’s also easier said than done.

u/togsincognito came up with a suggestion that almost no one would have otherwise tried, “I think it also works if you have a hired gun and you are going in opposite direction.” You can get credit if the bot NPC you hired hits someone, but their aim is less than stellar for the most part.

Other users added that the Ninja Turtle weapons, such as Leonardo’s Katanas, Raphael’s Sai, or Michelangelo’s Ninchaku, will also work. They often swing in a wide berth and can hit someone when you’re not directly facing them. The Grapple Blade works in this manner as well. These do require you to be up close and personal, though, which can be dangerous.

A screenshot of a game in Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge confuses community.
Image by VideoGamer

As many in the comments of this discussion shared, the best way to accomplish this particular Fortnite Ninja Turtle challenge is to use a turret. It fires at any enemy in the area, so hitting one is all you need to do for it to count and reward you the ooze.

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