7 Best Healing Items in Fortnite

7 Best Healing Items in Fortnite
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The challenge is higher than ever in the new Fortnite season. You have to pay attention to many things to get some Victory Royales in the new season. Guns are important for sure but the real deal is health and shield items: 7 Best Healing Items in Fortnite.

There are dozens of ways to outplay your opponents in Fortnite. Depending on your own play style, it makes the most sense to focus on the area you are best at. For example, if you trust your aim, you can jump to one of the best landing spots and quickly prove your superiority by getting into fights. This is risky, but it will definitely be worth it for you.

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Or let’s say you want to take it easy for now and make a good loot. After collecting gold bars, you can buy Exotic Weapons by visiting NPCs on the new Fortnite map. You can prove your superiority over other players with high damage power.

Whatever method you choose, there is another area in which you should always be good. That is the protection of your health and shield. Because 10 HP also becomes very important, especially towards the end of the map. 

There are lots of consumable items in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, some of them only increase your health while others increase your health and shield at the same time. Thus, you’ll have to decide correctly which ones you want to keep in your inventory.

All Healing Items in Fortnite Chapter 4

Before we start listing the health and shield items in the game, we should take a look at what options we have. This is because Epic Games has added a lot of new items to the game with Chapter 4. Some of them might be new to you, especially if you have taken a break from the game for a while.

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Here are all the healing items in Fortnite Chapter 4:

  • Mini Shield Potion – Uncommon
  • Shield Potion – Rare
  • Chug Splash – Rare
  • Chilli Chug Splash – Exotic
  • Shield Keg – Rare
  • Bandages – Common
  • Medkit – Uncommon
  • Med Mist – Uncommon
  • Slap Juice – Rare
  • Chug Cannon – Exotic
  • Fruits – Common
  • Meat – Uncommon
  • Slap Berry – Uncommon
  • Fishes – Rare or Epic

In addition to those in this list, there are Pepper Mint, Small Fry and Flopper, but we do not include them in the ranking. You can find the items in the list, except for the Exotic ones, when looting. You can only buy the Exotic healing items/guns from NPCs.

Best Healing Items in Fortnite

Although we have not ranked them from worst to best, we have saved our own favorites for last. We’ll also give you a few tips on what the items are for, where to find them, and how to use them in the game.

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Here are the 7 best healing items in Fortnite Chapter 4:

Mini Shield Potion – Bandages

These two are the simplest healing items in Fortnite. You can use these items, which you can find in standard chests and in any corner of the map as ground loot, especially at the beginning of the game.

  • Mini Shield Potion: Heals up to 50 shields, 25 each – Uncommon
  • Bandages: Heals up to 75 health, 15 each – Common

Since both have a cap, they will be of great use to you only at the beginning of the game. You may be able to use them immediately if you need them in the game, but it’s not worth carrying them with you.

Slap Juice

You’ll find Slap Juice (Rare) scattered all over the map in many different forms. The effect is different for all of them, but the feature that makes them one of the most valuable items in the game is not the healing effect.

If you drink a single bottle, you get 15 HP. But more importantly, you have infinite stamina for a certain amount of time. So you can sprint and jump as much as you want. This is especially useful when you are dodging storms and enemies.

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We are not sure if it’s worth carrying it with you until the end of the game, because the healing effect is pretty low. It’s best to use it in the middle of the game and take advantage of the situation.

Jellyfish, Shield Fish or Slurp Fish

Fishing is not one of the most fun things you can do in Fortnite, but it has a direct impact on gameplay. If you take a few minutes during the match, you can catch a few fish that will keep you alive.

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The effect of all the fish in the game is different. You can consume them in a matter of seconds. You can carry these fish in your inventory or you can carry a fishing rod to fish whenever you need them in the game.

  • Jellyfish: Each restores 20 HP and also affects nearby players – Rare
  • Shield Fish: Regenerates 50 shields each – Rare
  • Slurp Fish: Restores 40 health or shields, whichever is less than 100 – Epic

Even though you have to work hard to get these fish, they are invaluable when you compare them to other healing consumables in the game. From here you can understand that no fruit is on this list.

Shield Potion – Medkit

Apart from being the most used healing items in Fortnite, they are very valuable, both to carry them to the end of the game and to find them when looting. Because they both have a great effect.

  • Shield Potion: Regenerates 50 shields each – Rare
  • Medkit: Regenerates 100 health each – Uncommon

The only downside to them is that you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time using them. Unlike other items that can be used up in a second or two, you have to stand still for 10 seconds. You will not be able to use them if you move around too much.

Chug Cannon

Even though it is not technically an item, we include it in this list because you use it to heal. This gun’s ranking may vary depending on your play style, as there are a few specifics to keep in mind.

This weapon takes up two slots in your inventory. Thus, while you can carry a total of five weapons or items, this number is reduced to four when you carry the Chug Cannon (Exotic). This is quite a negative feature.

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On the positive side, the cannon has unlimited ammo. Each magazine has a capacity of five rounds, and a new shell is formed every 20 seconds. So you can consider it as a kind of unlimited health or shield resource.

When you aim and shoot at yourself or your teammate, you can get 15 HP or a shield. The same is true for enemies. Be careful where you shoot so you do not accidentally heal them.

You can buy the Chug Cannon from Sunflower in the Frenzy Fields for 600 Gold Bars.

Chug Splash – Chilli Chug Splash

Chug Splash is definitely one of the best items in Chapter 4. Apart from the fact that you can find it anywhere on the map, it’s great that there are always two of them and that you can carry a total of six in a single slot in your inventory.

Unlike other consumables, you’ll throw it on the surface you want, instead of using it on yourself. Since it splashes around, it can heal you or your friends quickly.

  • Chug Splash: Regenerates 20 HP or shield each – Rare
  • Chilli Chug Splash: Same but also has temporary speed boost – Exotic

You can buy Chili Chug Splash from Frozen Fishstick, which awaits players in the icy area west of Brutal Bastion. You will need to talk to this awesome NPC and spend 250 gold bars to get it.

Shield Keg

In our opinion, the best healing item in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is the Shield Keg (Rare). When you throw it on the ground, it can scatter and regenerate a total of 150 shields. Since you do not have to use it on yourself, you can just throw it on the ground and continue the conflict.

You should definitely include it in your inventory, both in solo and team games. Depending on your playstyle, it can replace Chug Splash, but it’s definitely one of the two best items in Fortnite.

That’s all we shared about the 7 Best Healing Items in Fortnite for now. Do not forget to check out the best Fortnite Creative Maps to get the hundreds of thousands of XP you need to unlock all the styles.