Epic Games brings this much-needed change to Fortnite

Epic Games brings this much-needed change to Fortnite
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With the most recent update, Epic Games has finally made a major change to Fortnite, and one that players have been begging for. This update buffs the movement speed of all players pretty significantly, fixing an issue with some new animations that came with the latest season.

These new run animations look great, but looked to have the unintended consequence of nerfing player’s movement speed, with an especially large reduction to crouched movement speed. As well as just making it more of a hassle to get around the map, or outrun the storm, players weren’t happy at how it affected their ability to quickly move around while in combat, with some players even reporting being unable to vault over walls. 

 Some fans on Reddit referred to the nerfed movement speed as “game breaking” and “unplayable”. One player even described it as “takin a stroll while being shot at by 3 squads”.

Luckily, Epic Games heard these complaints and was quick to promise that this feedback would be taken on board, and quickly at that. With this patch, the new run animations have stayed the same, but the old, faster movement speed has been restored, meaning all players will now be at the same pace again, regardless of animations.

It’s always good to see a developer taking player feedback seriously, and getting such a quick fix out there for them. And it’s especially important that they get it right with the OG map’s returning bringing a record 100 million unique players to the game, so it’s no surprise that Epic Games are keen to show the fans that they’re working hard to solve any issues.

With the new patch, players will once again be able to safely outrun the storm, enemy players, and anything else coming their way. Hopefully that will be the last major issue players face with the latest update, unless of course the inevitable server downtime hits.