Is Fortnite down? Epic reveals when servers will be back up

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Fortnite downtime

  • Fortnite servers are working properly at the moment
  • The game is currently available, and each mode works as intended
  • The last downtime was on Thursday, June 27

Is Fortnite down?

UPDATE (5:37 AM ET): Fortnite servers are back online! You can find the original article below.

Yes, Fortnite servers are currently down, meaning that you cannot play the game. The servers have been taken down for maintenance as of 4 AM ET on June 27. Considering that this is a smaller update, we expect the Fortnite downtime to be relatively short.

According to Epic Games, this downtime will be different, as it’s scheduled to only last for two hours. However, the game developer hasn’t always provided accurate estimates on downtimes. The wait will be worth it, however, as Epic will add a Fortnite Reload Duos mode with the update.

We will continue to update this page with the latest details, but the current Fortnite server status likely won’t be changed for at least an hour. Keep in mind that some downtimes for new seasons lasted for more than four hours, which might be the case with this update as well.

Why do Fortnite servers go down?

Epic Games takes Fortnite servers down for every update. This is a rather complicated process, which is why the game developer makes the game unavailable for a few hours. Considering that the development team sometimes runs into issues during the downtime, this process sometimes takes much longer.

When do Fortnite servers come back up?

Epic Games rarely provides an accurate ETA regarding Fortnite server downtime. This is mostly because not even the development team can predict how long the process will take. Due to this, no one knows when Fortnite servers will come back up. However, we expect the downtime to last for at least one hour. If everything goes according to plan, Fortnite servers should come back by 5 or 6 AM ET.

If you’d like to get more information regarding the server status, please check out the Fortnite Status account on X. You may also check out the status page on Epic Games’ official website, although this page takes a while to update.

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Fortnite servers not responding – FAQ

Do we know exactly when Fortnite servers will return?

Fortnite servers are currently down, and no one knows when they will return. Considering we are getting a new major update, the downtime procedure will likely take at least two hours, but also be much longer.

Why is there a Fortnite queue?

Many players are trying to log in, which is why there is a Fortnite queue. There are likely millions of players trying to get on, yet not all of them can access the game at the same time.

Can I skip the queue in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to skip the queue in Fortnite. You will have to wait for the countdown to end before you can get into the game.

Can I play Fortnite while the servers are down?

You cannot play any Fortnite mode during the downtime. Whether you enjoy Battle Royale, Creative, or Save the World, all of these modes are currently down.

When will I be able to play Fortnite again?

You will be able to play Fortnite again in a few hours. We will update this article once the servers get back up, which shouldn’t take longer than two to three hours.

What’s the longest Fortnite downtime ever?

The longest Fortnite downtime happened at the conclusion of Chapter 1. It lasted for approximately a day and a half, and the only thing players could see on their screens was the Black Hole. This was Epic Games’ way to introduce players to the new chapter.

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