Epic reveals fate of missing feature, leaving Fortnite fans frustrated

Epic reveals fate of missing feature, leaving Fortnite fans frustrated
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Fortnite players have been wondering for some time about the disappearance of Augments, which have been MIA in Fortnite since the start of Chapter 5. However, while Epic has now given an update on their status, it’s a disappointing one for fans.

Shortly after the game’s most recent patch this week, the Fortnite Status X (formerly Twitter) account revealed that Augments were apparently now being re-evaluated by the team, despite a place in the game’s UI for the milestone ‘Activate Augments’ that seemed primed to unlock when the mid-season update hit. “While we re-evaluate Augments in Fortnite, we’ve removed the ‘Activate Augments’ milestone and are updating the Collection tab to reflect this,” the update from the studio read.

Naturally, many in the Fortnite community were disappointed by the news, with some not even getting to see the update from Epic’s social accounts. “I’m guessing augments are cancelled?” asked Donut_Flame and posting a picture of the missing milestone quest. “Waited half a season only for them to be cancelled, let’s go” they sarcastically added once informed of the post. Many fans shared their frustration with the news “Honestly, augments coming back would be one of the greatest things this chapter,” added Joebloxey, while Thvndr’s pain was illustrated by their use of all caps: “OMFG WHY EPIC I WAS ACTUALLY GONNA PLAY THE GAME WHEN THEY CAME BACK.”

Sleepnclass was a bit more level headed, but no less disappointed. “Lame. Waited most of this season for them. Instead we got some ugly skins and that stupid ass lock on pistol.” While Hellhound39’s comments echoed those who have been disappointed with the latest update. “Bruh, they just find more ways to disappoint. No Ui update or any word on one, Ugly super styles and now no augments 😐 prob gonna stop playing once I have snake Ngl.”

All this being said, there are some people who are glad to see the back of them – such as Annoyingone who claimed “I’m fine with it because the weapons modding I thing think augments could make certain load outs very OP. They should just wait till season 2 to bring them back.” Equally, there were a few – such as Erin-Chan – who thought they’d be a bit much on top of the other gameplay changes Chapter 5 has brought so far. “Good. I don’t dislike augments but having them alongside weapons mods is a bit much imo.”

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