Fortnite leak shows new weapon that will completely change Season 3

Fortnite leak shows new weapon that will completely change Season 3
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Fortnite Season 3 has been all about the cars, but according to the latest leak, that may change soon. Considering we are in the first week of the new season, the game may feel unbalanced. This is mostly due to the fact that many players are still getting used to all the new changes in the season, including vehicle mods.

However, it’s no secret that Fortnite cars have been drastically buffed. Not only has Epic increased their HP by 100%, but it’s also possible to turn them into unstoppable killing machines. This may change soon, though, as the release of a game-changing weapon is around the corner.

The newest Fortnite leak shows a game-changing sniper rifle

Many players have struggled to play against cars so far in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. Considering how powerful they are, this is no surprise. While there are a couple of ways to destroy cars, including using new Nitro Fists, players have asked Epic Games to do something about this problem. According to the latest leak, the fix might be around the corner.

Hypex, the most reputable Fortnite leaker, shared a list of the upcoming weapons that will come throughout the season. One of these weapons is a new Heavy Sniper Rifle, which is a fan-favorite weapon. The new version of the rifle will have a triple damage multiplier against vehicles, which will be a game-changer.

A high-caliber sniper rifle with a scope, rumored to be part of a Fortnite leak for Season 3, is displayed against a blurred background. The new weapon features a long barrel and a bipod attachment.
The Heavy Sniper rifle is returning to Fortnite, per leak. Image by VideoGamer

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite of all time. Considering its damage multiplier, we expect it to deal approximately 400 damage to vehicles per shot. This means that it’d only take four shots to take down a small car, while a medium vehicle would require five shots. The weapon will be even more devastating when coupled with Nitro Fists or the Boom Bolt.

The release date of the Heavy Sniper Rifle hasn’t been revealed yet. However, we expect it to arrive sometime in June. Besides this long-range weapon, the Fortnite leak showed a couple of other items that will come. The list includes the Combat AR and the Minigun, both of which will be effective against vehicles.