Fortnite finally adds this much fan requested character in latest collab event

Fortnite finally adds this much fan requested character in latest collab event
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Battle royale shooter Fortnite has embarked on its latest collaboration, with a limited time event featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, much to fans’ delight. However, there’s one aspect that’s sure to please even more of the game’s community.

Though the heroes in-a-half shell have been featured in the game previously, the latest crossover is bringing some of the series’ other characters in on the fun, including one fan-favourite character who’s had a ton of requests since the collaboration was confirmed by Epic.

Master Splinter will finally be available in the Fortnite shop for the entire duration of the Cowabunga event, which runs from today until February 27, with the Turtles’ father figure setting players back 1500 V-Bucks in the store.

Fortnite adds this much fan requested character in latest collab event featuring Lego Star Wars.
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The full Master Splinter skin pack includes his skin for Battle Royale mode of course, but also a Lego version for those wanting to use him in Lego Fortnite. He also comes with a hand Splinter’s Pack back bling, which can be used with any of your Fortnite characters of course.

If you really want to go out, you can also separately pick up Splinter’s Staff – a custom pickaxe fashioned after the sensei’s trademark walking stick/slash weapon, and there’s also a bundle of musical instruments for those who’re intending to use the turtles in Fortnite Festival mode.

If Splinter’s not your bag, don’t worry because there’s plenty of other TMNT characters in the shop while the Cowabunga event rolls on, including the return of reporter April O’Neil who has a bundle of her own. Completing the event’s pass can also net you the villainous Krang as a back bling.

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Of course, speaking of villains, the centerpiece of this latest collaboration is perennial TMNT baddie Shredder. Luckily, if you’re wondering how you can add him to your roster of Fortnite heroes we’ve got you covered, check out our How to unlock Shredder in Fortnite guide over here.

TMNT is just the latest collaboration of course – with Fortnite recently welcoming characters like Solid Snake and even Family Guy into the fold in recent weeks. Previous seasons have also seen crossovers with Futurama and Dragon Ball Z.

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