Fortnite fans furious at missing cosmetics from Item Shop

Fortnite fans furious at missing cosmetics from Item Shop
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Fans of the Battle Royale shooter Fortnite are voicing their displeasure at Epic’s handling of the item shop since the addition of Lego and Fortnite Festival greatly expanded the cosmetics available.

A number of players have contributed to a thread by Approporiate-Yam-6230 taking Epic to task with the way some items have been handled – with some bundles returning, only to be missing vital parts from when they first debuted.

“It’s so frustrating as someone who wants to give Epic their money, I’ve been waiting for the Airphoria set for ages so of course when they finally come back they’re missing their second bundle entirely.”

One player, Numerous_Signal_6106, points to the addition of Lego Fortnite as the reason for some of these items absence, for example, if an emote doesn’t have a Lego equivalent. “Seen this happen multiple times now with the Icon skins, Jack Skellington, Marvel, etc etc…”

But others still think the entire Item Shop is getting worse and worse. With JohnathanStryker summing it up: “The item shop stuff has honestly gotten pretty ridiculous. Either the rotations suck, items like wraps are locked to bundles, cosmetics that are part of a set only come back individually, or whatever.”

“Lack of full sets coming back is ridiculous,” claims 2spooky4h. “Futurama didn’t have their gear, OG Black Widow didn’t have her pickaxe, John Wick didn’t have Sophia, Jack Skellington and the streamers didn’t have their emotes or bundles, and now Airphoria doesn’t have their gear.”

Fortnite’s item shop has grown rather bloated since the release of Lego Fortnite, Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing – and moves like this only seem to be growing the unease amongst the community.

It remains to be seen if changes will be made in the near future, but with Lego Fortnite getting a major update this week adding fishing, and Fortnite Festival kicking off its own Season Two with Lady Gaga, it looks like the teething period still has some time to go yet.

In the meantime, those playing vanilla Fortnite will be looking towards the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 start date. For more on the shooter, check out our latest picks for the best Fortnite XP maps for power leveling.