LEGO Fortnite patch notes v28.30 update brings the Fishing Rod and adds sand and glass

LEGO Fortnite patch notes v28.30 update brings the Fishing Rod and adds sand and glass
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LEGO Fortnite just received a major update, with the sandbox builder now reaching version number 28.30. The latest update has been dubbed the Gone Fishing update – with many of its changes based around the new and expanded fishing mechanic.

Considering that LEGO Fortnite is a permanent game mode, we expect Epic to keep adding new content at least once a month. If you’re looking for all the changes with the latest update, however, we’ve prepared patch notes for you.

What did the LEGO Fortnite update add today?

While Fortnite Festival welcomes Lady Gaga for its second season, and Rocket Racing got a brand new Speed Run game mode as per the full Fortnite patch notes, Lego Fortnite’s changes include the introduction of the fishing rod, a long requested addition by the community.

You can craft this new item at a workbench, and of course it comes in four flavours of rarity, with each one making it more likely to land a successful catch. Rods would be pretty useless without something to catch of course, so the update also adds some new aquatic life.

Aside from catching them, the new update also adds a new Food Processor work station, and you can use that to start making a bait bucket to help you nab even more fish. There’s also two new resources – sand and glass, which can be used to make more items.

All that, plus a bunch of new Lego styles, and new items. Here’s those patch notes in full.

Lego Fortnite 28.30 patch notes

New Resources

  • Sand
  • Glass

New Craftable Items

  • Fishing Rod
    • Common Fishing Road
    • Uncommon Fishing Rod
    • Rare Fishing Rod
    • Epic Fishing Rod
  • Bait Bucket
    • Common Bait Bucket
    • Uncommon Bait Bucket
    • Rare Bait Bucket
    • Epic Bait Bucket
  • Spyglass
  • Compass
    • Advanced Compass

New Workstations

  • Food Processor

New Recipes

  • Fish Fillets
  • Smoked Fry Fish
  • Black and Blue Shieldfish Sushi

New Charms

  • Reflection Charm
  • Wavebreak Charm

New Creatures

  • Orange Flopper
  • Blue Flopper
  • Green Flopper
  • Vendetta Flopper
  • Black and Blue Shield Fish
  • Purple Thermal Fish
  • Raven Thermal Fish
  • Silver Thermal Fish
  • Blue Slurp Fish
  • Purple Slurp Fish
  • Yellow Slurp Fish
  • Blue Small Fry
  • Cuddle Jelly Fish
  • Slurp Jelly Fish
  • Molten Spicy Fish

New Villagers

  • Turk
  • Outcast
  • Bob

New Lego Style Outfits

  • Airie
  • Flakes Power
  • Iron Man Zero
  • Lazarbeam
  • Loserfruit
  • Maxxed Out Max
  • Ninja

Adjustments, Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Increased the number of Villagers you can have to 20, meaning you can now have 4 Villages with 5 Villagers in each.
  • Players can now sit in chairs!
  • Recipes now consistently unlock in Sandbox mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ stamina wouldn’t recharge.
  • Players no longer spawn inside the foundation of buildings, inside the snow, or on top of things that they weren’t on top of when they had logged out.
  • Friendly Villagers accompanying you on your adventure can now jump out of the water instead of getting stuck.
  • Villagers accompanying you into caves now aren’t worried that it’s raining outside.
  • Daggers now consistently deal damage while underneath enemies.
  • Re-centered the dynamic platform’s pivot point to be in the middle of the platform, so it now rotates and snaps correctly.

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes stop players from rejoining their world.


  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not place Building Parts on dynamic foundations until they were moved.
  • Fixed an issue where objects would sometimes disappear from caves.
  • Resources will now consistently drop from objects destroyed by physics.


  • Several menus now accurately show your LEGO Style Outfit’s portrait.
  • Fixed an issue where players could open the crafting menu while upgrading the crafting bench.

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