Fortnite content creator exposes big flaw that needs to be fixed ASAP

Fortnite content creator exposes big flaw that needs to be fixed ASAP
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Epic Games has been expanding its Fortnite universe recently, with LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival the latest editions. There are plenty of modes to jump into aside from the main Battle Royale experience. However, a Fortnite content creator has exposed a big flaw within one of them that needs fixing ASAP.

Prior to the Fortnite Experiences being released, Fortnite Creative was the main addition to the game. Since 2018, the community has been creating their own maps for others to enjoy. These have recreated some favourite maps from other games. They have also helped to gain XP to quickly complete the latest Battle Pass. Make sure you check out the best Fortnite XP maps to level up fast if you want to do the same.

Unfortunately, some of these maps have been using a deceiving technique to earn a space at the top of the discover ‘Most Favourited’ section. Find out more below.

Deceiving Developers

With millions of players jumping into the Fortnite Creative mode every day, and many of them making their own maps, it can be tough to find the best Fortnite Creative maps. Thankfully, Epic Games uses a ‘Most Favourited’ discover section, letting the community separate the wheat from the chaff.

Yet, a big flaw has been exposed by Fortnite content creator @SypherPK. This has shown how some are using an underhanded way to see their maps get favourited and liked more than others. You can check out their full video by following this link.

Fortnite big flaw: Trying to gain Thunderbolt of Zeus in Fortnite Creative from @SypherPK
Deceiving interaction in Fortnite Creative – Image from

As seen in the clip, map creators are building misleading interactions to inflate their liked and favourited votes. In this case, it is implying that to gain the Thunderbolt of Zeus weapon, you first need to favourite and like the map. This is done by a pop-up asking you to like and favourite appearing when interacting with the weapon. However, once you have done so and try again to add the thunderbolt to your inventory, the same message pops up again.

The effect of this has been massive, as shown off by @SypherPK. Since the introduction of that interaction, The Pit – Free For All has climbed from eighth to the top of the ‘Most Favourited’ map in the Fortnite Creative section.

At the time of his video, the top three ‘Most Favourited’ maps were all using the same method to inflate their liked and favourited numbers. As pointed out, if Epic Games doesn’t do something to address this issue soon, more map creators will use the same deceptive tactics in their own builds. This will lead to the discover system being abused and not necessarily providing the community with the best maps around.

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