Best Fortnite Creative maps (January 2024)

Best Fortnite Creative maps (January 2024)
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Choosing the best Fortnite Creative maps is nearly an impossible task. The Creative mode has become so popular that millions of players play it every day. Many of these players have also made and published maps themselves.

With thousands of new Creative maps coming out every month, here are our picks for the best of them. We will separate them into different categories, including Fortnite Creative maps for XP, horror maps, and others.

Best Fortnite Creative maps for XP

Considering how popular Creative maps are, it’s no surprise that it’s possible to earn XP in them. However, some maps are much more effective at leveling up the Battle Pass, and many players love using them.

Unfortunately, many of these maps expire after a day or two. Due to this, you should use them while they last. Here are some Fortnite XP maps you can use to level up:

Each map is linked to a video that will explain to you how to level up from it.

Best Fortnite Horror maps

If you enjoy playing horror maps in Fortnite, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a couple of scary maps that you’ll have a lot of fun with. Some of these maps have become very popular, reaching a concurrent player count of more than 10,000 players.

Here are our packs for some of the best Fortnite Creative maps that have a horror theme:

  • Octo Game – 1202-0130-7283
  • FNAF Scary Survival – 1864-8667-0230
  • Zombieland – 9369-6922-8408
  • Black Rain – 4322-7855-5269

The first map is similar to Squid Game, while the Zombieland is a fight against endless hordes of zombies. If you like exploring a creepy mansion, you should give the last map a shot.

Most amazing 1v1 maps

Playing 1v1 maps in Fortnite Creative is a great way to improve your skills. You can either match up against your friend or take on random people and see how good you are. These maps are very popular, and many of them have zero delay, which is what makes them so special.

Here is our list of the best Fortnite Creative maps for 1v1 combat:

  • 1v1 by sebara_fn – 2744-5526-2967
  • 1v1 Build Fights – 1832-0431-4852
  • 1v1 Build Fights Season 1 – 9694-9189-4514

These maps have a variety of weapons that may not be available in Battle Royale or Zero Build. On top of that, their creators keep them constantly updated, so you’ll likely see many changes if you constantly play these maps.

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Creative maps

Prop Hunt games used to be very popular a few years ago, but many players still enjoy them in Fortnite. These games are very fun, especially when you play them with friends, and can be quite addictive.

Below are our picks for the best Fortnite Creative maps with Prop Hunt, so give them a try:

  • Sponge Prop Hunt – 4705-9334-1096
  • FNAF Prop Hunt – 9840-4694-1648
  • Meme Prophunt – 3968-1991-2089

Most popular Creative maps

Besides our picks for the best Fortnite Creative maps, we’ve decided to include the most popular maps. These maps consistently have more than 10,000 concurrent players, so you should give them a try and see why that’s the case.

Here are the most popular maps in Creative:

  • Bio’s Zone Wars – 4059-2791-0712
  • Bed Wars – 7048-8422-2298
  • Mega Red vs. Blue – 2112-9480-0959
  • The Pit – 4590-4493-7113

Interestingly, The Pit is also one of the best XP maps you can use to level up in the current Fortnite season.