Fortnite keeps breaking records and reaching new heights

Fortnite keeps breaking records and reaching new heights
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Fortnite has set numerous records over the past few years. Released in September 2017, the battle royale game has separated itself from the rest of the pack, and the new season has been spectacular. Thanks to the return of the Chapter 1 map, Fortnite is back at its peak.

Before the release of the Fortnite OG Season, the video game peaked at 2.8 million concurrent players. However, that number has more than doubled over the past few days. While having 2.8 million concurrent players is still impressive, the new record is unbelievable.

Here’s how popular Fortnite has been since the release of the new season.

Fortnite is back at its peak

The OG Fortnite Season has been very popular so far. Many older players have returned, and newer players got the opportunity to see what the game looked like in its early days. On Saturday, Fortnite had the best day in its history, which is impressive, especially considering that the game is in its seventh year.

The concurrent player count peaked at nearly 6.2 million on Saturday, which is the all-time record since the public player count was released. The overall record for a non-event day is 7.6 million and 15.3 million for an event day.

On top of this, 44.7 million players logged in to Fortnite on Saturday, making it the best day in the history of the game. Epic Games released this information on X (formerly Twitter) while also adding that players spent 102 million hours playing Fortnite.

Bringing the Fortnite Chapter 1 map back turned out to be a fantastic move by Epic. However, it’s important to note that this season will last for only a month. Considering that the hype will likely go down after this period, it makes sense for the game developer to release Fortnite Chapter 5 after the current season and release fresh new content.