Fortnite x Star Wars: Free rewards, release date, skins, and more

Fortnite x Star Wars: Free rewards, release date, skins, and more
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Epic Games has tirelessly worked on many Fortnite collaborations over the past few years. Due to this, it’s no surprise that another one is around the corner. At the moment, Fortnite players are working on unlocking Aang and other Avatar skins, while also using new Mythic abilities. However, as soon as this event is done, we will get another Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration, as its release date was confirmed by Epic.

Not only has Epic revealed the release date of the Star Wars collab, but also a few more things that will be added with it. Interestingly, the upcoming collaboration will also bring the first-ever LEGO Fortnite Battle Pass.

Epic revealed the release date of the next Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration

Epic Games and Disney have collaborated many times in the past, bringing a couple of iconic Star Wars characters to Fortnite. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now play as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Han Solo, and others. In less than two days, this impressive lineup of skins will be expanded even further!

The next collab between the two companies will take place on Friday, May 3. While the date may be odd, as it’s just a day before Star Wars Day, it makes sense considering that many collaborations come on Fridays.

These are the new and returning weapons that will come to Fortnite Battle Royale:

  • Lightsabers
  • Wookie Explosive Bowcaster
  • E-11 Blasters
Split image of two video game scenes: on the left, a robot in a snowy environment; on the right, a character observes a fiery landscape from the latest Fortnite update.
Many new items are coming to LEGO Fortnite. Image by VideoGamer

Epic has revealed many things about the upcoming collaboration, and we know that it will bring content for every major game mode. LEGO Fortnite will get some Star Wars skins and the first Battle Pass, which includes many new buildings. Chewbacca, one of the franchise’s most popular characters, will come with the premium pass, and you can unlock it for 1,4000 V-Bucks.

Lando Calrissian will also come to Fortnite, along with a young Anakin Skywalker. These skins will likely be available in the Item Shop. The Star Wars collab will bring many new LEGO skin styles as well, and several Battle Pass skins, from Darth Vader to Mandalorian, will be included.

Furthermore, the game developer teased the addition of the Star Wars theme to the Fortnite Festival, as well as a couple of new instruments. Rocket Racing will also receive several Star Wars-themed cosmetics with the next update, including a new car body.

Free rewards are coming with the Fortnite x Star Wars collab

The upcoming Fortnite collaboration will also bring a couple of free rewards, Epic Games revealed. New Star Wars quests will come out on May 3, and you will be able to unlock a couple of cosmetics with them. By completing five of these quests, you will receive a Battle Pass Level-Up token. If you complete 10 of them, Epic will add the AWR Pack back bling to your locker.

These new quests will come out in two phases, with the second phase coming on May 7 at 9 AM Eastern Time.

Futuristic black spaceship with three engines and red neon lights, designed in a Fortnite x Star Wars style, hovering against a grey and white gradient background.
The AWR Pack back bling will be a free reward. Image by VideoGamer

If you enjoy playing Fortnite Festival, you’ll be glad to hear that this mode will also have free rewards! Starting on Friday, you will be able to earn a Level-Up token by completing limited-time quests, as well as a new instrument. To unlock the Seven-string Hallikset Guitar, you will have to finish seven of the upcoming quests.

Once again, these quests will expire on May 14, giving you nearly two weeks to complete them.

Two Fortnite x Star Wars-themed rocket racing cars, one silver and one red, on a blue geometric background with logos and a floating tire.
Rocket Racing players will also receive new items. Image via Epic Games

The upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration will bring a couple of free cosmetics for Rocket Racing. These will come out in two phases, starting with Friday. These are the rewards you will be able to unlock by completing them:

  • Four quests – Anakin’s Podracer decal
  • Seven quests – Level-Up token
  • Eight quests – Darth Maul decal
  • 14 quests – Energy Binders Trail

These Star Wars quests in Rocket Racing will be available until May 20, only four days before the start of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Finally, the LEGO Fortnite Battle Pass will bring a couple of new buildings and decorations for this game mode. You will be able to unlock 11 items for free from the pass, but if you upgrade to the premium pass, you’ll get access to up to 23 cosmetics, including the Chewbacca skin.