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Final Fantasy 16 announces pre-launch celebration live stream

Final Fantasy 16 pre-launch celebration
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Square Enix has revealed that they will be holding a Final Fantasy 16 pre-launch celebration in Los Angeles ahead of the game’s release. If you don’t live near the event’s venue, however, then you’ll be able to tune in to the live stream held on the same day instead.

This celebration for its launch has also been slated for June 11, 2023 at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT, which is exactly 11 days before the Final Fantasy 16 release date. With the game having already gone gold before even being made available to the public, this should help make its launch even bigger than it was before.

Sadly, the developers are yet to provide additional information on the event aside from its date, time, and location. However, they have promised to give out more details on both the live stream and in-person celebration once we get closer to its beginning.

Some fans are speculating that the celebration is set to include a playable demo that will allow fans to experience the upcoming open world installment early. The timing of the Final Fantasy 16 pre-launch celebration does seemingly indicate that this will be the case, especially since many of the recent series entries have had demos to commemorate their releases.

It’s currently unclear what other in-game features are going to be revealed during this time as most of the exciting elements, like the ‘Eikon vs. Eikon’ boss battles, had already been shown in past trailers. But whatever it may be, the Final Fantasy crowd will surely not want to miss this opportunity to get an even closer look at the long-awaited sixteenth main line entry in the Final Fantasy series.

If you want to see Square Enix’s announcement post for yourself, then you can check it out through the game’s official Twitter account.

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