Final Fantasy XVI is on track for release after going gold

Final Fantasy XVI is on track for release after going gold
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Final Fantasy XVI is slowly making the march toward its release with a big development stage being passed. According to the game’s official Twitter account, Final Fantasy XVI has gone gold.

Essentially this news seals the game to meet its planned June 22 release date. For those not in the know, “going gold” in video game development refers to the title meeting a point where it is ready to be put on discs and production can begin making the physical copies that will be sold by retailers. While all of the game is done and playable, that doesn’t mean the developers are taking time off until releases. They will be heavily focused on finding bugs and glitches until launch, and putting together anything that will be applied in a day one patch.

With Final Fantasy XVI going gold months ahead of its release, the development team should have the time and ability to squash a large sum of bugs before players will encounter them. Obviously, with a game as large as this, not every issue will be found, but considering that most games go gold about a month before launch, Square Enix is working with a little more time than you usually hear in the lead-up to release.

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As you might expect, the update on Final Fantasy XVI going gold was met with excitement from fans, some really hoping to get their hands on a plush Torgal, the wolf seen in the tweet image above. The game was announced in 2020 and has been building hype since then. Being one of the most iconic video game series ever, there will always be a level of excitement when a new entry is on the way.