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Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation State of Play showcases epic ‘Eikon vs. Eikon’ boss battles

Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation State of Play
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The Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation State of Play has concluded and fans of the open world action RPG got an in-depth look at the upcoming installment in Square Enix’s iconic series. Viewers were given a few snippets of the game’s combat, environment, and epic boss battles that will surely make this one of the most memorable releases of the year.

The initial portion of the near 30-minute showcase exhibited the main character, Clive Rosfield, and a portion of his story. Parts of it will take place in the past in order to give players a deeper understanding of our protagonist’s history. Most of it, however, will naturally occur during Final Fantasy 16’s current era during which you’ll be able to meet Clive’s allies and companions.

But aside from showing the characters and a portion of the plot, the gameplay trailer also gave spectators a look at its fast-paced and action-packed combat sequences. Instead of the typical turn-based battles that the Final Fantasy series has long been known for, FF16 will feature real-time fights much like Final Fantasy 7 and 14.

Some of the friends you meet throughout the world of Valisthea will also be able to assist you in engagements. It’s worth noting, though, that you will not be able to control them as they will be fully AI-operated, meaning they’ll be acting of their own accord.

As you progress through the story and you defeat a certain amount of enemies, you’ll be able to earn ability points that you can then allocate towards learning new skills. Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida also gave fans a look at the wide array of unique accessories that can be found and equipped throughout the game, some of which will provide “support to players that may not be so skilled in action games.”

The most iconic part of the event, however, were the large scale ‘Eikon vs. Eikon’ boss battles that were put on display. During these colossal fights, you’ll be able to control one of these mythical creatures yourself in order to combat another equally powerful beast. Some of the ones that were shown during the livestream were Phoenix and Ifrit, whose names should already be familiar to series fanatics.

With that said, the Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation State of Play was a huge success as it gave both casual and hardcore gamers a deeper look at the exciting features included in the game. Only time will tell, though, if it’ll be commercially and critically successful. But it’s safe to say that, based on early reactions, it seems that the game is already on the right track.

If you’re excited for the upcoming Square Enix entry to arrive, then here’s when the Final Fantasy 16 release date is going to be. Alternatively, you can also read through our how to join a Grand Company and how to get Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14 guides to tide you over until the next installment’s launch.

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