Exorpimal players are split as the game fully launches

Exorpimal players are split as the game fully launches
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With Exoprimal now fully released players have been diving in to fight against the hordes of dinosaurs the game has to offer. However, despite players absolutely loving the game after its initial beta weekend last month and with a Monster Hunter crossover scheduled for the future, players are now divided on the overall experience.

While a lot of players have been taking to the Exoprimal Reddit to share their love for the game some are also pointing out a number of the game’s flaws such as one player who claims the game “has so much fat that it needs to trim”. Alongside this, on Twitter one player noted that while they had fun with the game, they fear it has some big issues that “will make a lot of people drop the game after a few games”.

Content Creator, Suzi Hunter even wayed in on Exorpimal saying, “I played a lot of EXOPRIMAL. I don’t think it’s good but it is well made. What annoys me is that no one asked for it, thousands of people worked on it, and it’s always online. This game will disappear in a few years and all the time and money that went into it will be forgotten”.

However, despite this, many players have been showing their support for the game with one player saying, “If you’re telling me that this isn’t fun then IDK what to say lmao. I’ve wanted to do literally THIS since I was like 6 years old”. Twitter user LordCognito also chimed in saying, “Exoprimal is so over the top dramatic with everything PvP/PvE. Love that it doesn’t take itself seriously”.

If you’re looking to dive into Exoprimal now that the game has been fully released and is also available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, be sure to check out our Exoprimal co-op and Exorpimal crossplay guides.

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