Does Monster Hunter Rise have a story mode?

Does Monster Hunter Rise have a story mode?
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Monster Hunter Rise, the popular beast-slaying entry from Capcom, will soon be arriving on additional platforms worldwide and RPG enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited.

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But with the Monster Hunter franchise being more commonly for its multiplayer features, numerous players are now asking if the game has a story mode. Luckily, we’re here to provide all the information you’ll need before this long-awaited creation graces your console screen.

Will Monster Hunter Rise have a story mode?

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise will have a story mode available much like previous installments in Capcom’s franchise. The game’s main plot focuses on Kamura Village and a disaster called “The Rampage”. This calamity, which had already occurred in the same locale, is characterized by a group of frenzied monsters that suddenly started attacking everything on sight.

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As a recently promoted Hunter, you will be tasked with helping out the village in preparation for a recurrence of The Rampage. This includes completing tasks called Village Quests that can help protect and supply the people. Additionally, you will also be responsible for slaying some of the more dangerous beasts that pose a threat to the small settlement.

As you progress through the story, you will eventually be able to unlock the game’s popular multiplayer feature. This will allow you to go on various quests either with your friends or other online players. You can even keep doing your solo Village Quests while in a lobby if you choose to do so.

Unfortunately, other Hunters won’t be able to help you with your key Village Quests are these are meant to be done in single-player mode. Since these objectives advance the game’s story when they’re accomplished, your friends won’t be able to join you in your beast-slaying adventure.