Diablo 4 Open Beta Rewards – get a Wolf Pup Pack

Diablo 4 Open Beta Rewards – get a Wolf Pup Pack
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The open beta period for Diablo 4 is just around the corner – and following a very successful early access looks set to be just as popular when the gates open to everyone too.

If excitement wasn’t high enough, Blizzard are also incentivising prospective players to take part by offering them unique rewards by reaching certain milestones in the Diablo 4 Open Beta as per their official announcement.

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So, what can you expect for your time and efforts in playing the Diablo 4 beta in the full game? Let’s break that down for you here.

All rewards for Diablo 4 Open Beta including Wolf Pack cosmetic item

Those that participate during the Diablo 4 Open Beta period and Early Access weekends will be able to unlock three unique rewards throughout its duration. Those that unlock it can then access it once the game has been fully released.

Here are the incentives you can expect for the open beta:

  • Initial Casualty Title: earned by reaching Kyovashad with one character
  • Early Voyager Title: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character
  • Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character

All three of these rewards will be available for you to claim in the full release of Diablo 4 when it arrives in June.

Even though these are seemingly only cosmetics and titles, the rewards are still a welcome sweetener for those that are participating during the pre-release phase. Since the open beta and early access periods are set to last for three days each, there should be enough time for everyone to acquire these goodies.

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It’s important to note, though, that you will only be allowed to progress until level 25 and only a certain area of the map will be available. However, you will apparently still be able to play the game even if you’ve reached the max cap – but just until the end of the pre-release phase, that is.

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