Destiny 2 devs plan on addressing prevalent connection errors in Season 22

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Destiny 2 players have become all too familiar with the wide array of error codes that can be encountered while playing the popular space-based FPS. Although most of them are harmless enough, seeing various messages popping up and constantly ruining your sessions does eventually become frustrating, which, sadly, has become the norm in recent times.

Of course, employing temporary fixes by learning how to fix error code Beagle and how to fix error code Weasel is all well and good, but if these problems constantly disrupt your game, then a longer-term solution is naturally more preferable. Luckily, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has now revealed that they are planning on providing fixes to these prevalent connection issues soon through their latest This Week in Bungie blog post.

According to the developers, the recent rise in connectivity error codes is because of a few improvements they made to their Claims service ahead of Lightfall’s launch. Now, since this service is the system responsible for handling a majority of the in-game traffic and with the Destiny 2 community steadily continuing to grow, the changes Bungie made helped them achieve their scale goals by allowing Claims to manage a larger player base.

Unfortunately, it seems that the tweaks the developers made also introduced a number of issues to “the service’s error recovery functionality.” As a result, the updated system isn’t always able to recover when an issue occurs in a “live game environment,” so if these channels get disrupted, “this can be one of the causes behind Weasel, Baboon, or other error codes for a large subset of the player base.”

The developers have stated that they “will be deploying a large set of improvements meant to improve the ‘self-healing’ ability of Claims and reduce the odds of us needing to bring Destiny 2 temporarily offline when an issue occurs” once Season 22 launches towards the end of August. While you wait for these much-needed updates to arrive, though, check out our guides on the best Hunter build and best PvE weapons in the meantime so you can continue racking up ad kills.

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