Destiny 2 fans send their condolences to The Drifter as Gambit gets ignored again

Destiny 2 fans send their condolences to The Drifter as Gambit gets ignored again
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Throughout the years, no Destiny 2 game mode has dwindled more in player count than the oft ignored Gambit offering. Now, with Bungie having revealed their plans for the remaining seasons of Lightfall and the next expansion entitled The Final Shape, fans have begun sending their condolences to The Drifter-led match type as the developers have once again brushed aside Gambit in favor of more popular modes like Crucible and Vanguard.

Ahead of the Destiny 2 Season 22 release date, Bungie revealed their reasons as to why they chose to focus on other aspects of the game instead of the mote toting, Primeval burning PvP competition. According to their lengthy State of the Game message posted through the game’s official website, the developers said: “As many of you have noticed, we’ve been quiet on Gambit since last year’s overhaul that launched alongside The Witch Queen.”

“In that revamp, the team made significant changes across five categories in Gambit: core activity fundamentals, Primeval tuning, invasions, ammo economy, and rewards,” they continued. “Unfortunately, these updates didn’t move the needle for player engagement. Although we know our Gambit fans mostly care about new or returning maps, this is an area of the game with lower engagement that would take resources away from more popular parts of the game to shore up.”

Although there won’t be any significant overhauls made to Gambit in the near future, Bungie has revealed that there will be a few updates made to it “for the year of The Final Shape.” This includes “porting the Cathedral of Scars map as well as adding the Shadow Legion and Lucent Hive enemy types.” Of course, these changes predictably won’t be enough to bring up player engagement towards Gambit as evidenced by many of the comments under one Reddit post.

A user named Triforcesarecool had this to say about the planned changes: “[The developers] really just said we don’t give a fxxx about gambit.” Loyuiz then sent their condolences to The Drifter’s game mode when they said “RIP Gambit,” to which Birdo-the-Besto shared the same sentiment when they added: “Literally, [Bungie are] just like ‘Oh, you don’t like Gambit? Well now you don’t have to play it because we aren’t doing a damn thing for it. But here’s some purple Cabal and Hive Guardians to make it sting less.”

Alas, this may indeed be the death song for Gambit as The Light and Darkness Saga’s final story arc is steadily approaching. Only time will tell if Bungie decides to dedicate more resources over to it, but for now, we’ll just have to enjoy collecting motes and disrupting enemy team operations with the same old maps and gameplay.

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