Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel – How to Fix

Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel – How to Fix
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Destiny 2, much like any other online game, has its fair share of glitches that its player base occasionally experiences. Bungie has even created their own unique naming scheme for the error codes that pop up when these malfunctions happen.

This may be part of the reason why a large number of players are confused when a message showing “error code weasel” appears on their screen. If you’ve seen this notice before and you want to find out exactly what it means, then we’ve covered everything that you’ll need to know below.

What is Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2?

Based on the Bungie Help website, the “WEASEL Error Code is an all-encompassing error message that is usually an indicator that you are experiencing a general networking issue.” If this code has ever cropped up on your screen, then it could be because of a faulty connection.

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If the error wasn’t due to a faulty connection, Bungie’s article goes on to note other possible causes. This includes simultaneous logins on multiple platforms while cross-save is enabled. The first platform you used to log in to the game will subsequently receive the Weasel Error Code.

Additionally, if a ban was placed on your account while you’re playing, this would cause Error Code Weasel to appear. In case this was what caused the message to appear, then you’ll need to head over to the Bungie Help site to find out the reason for the ban.

How to Fix Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2?

In order to fix Error Code Weasel, you will first need to check that your connection is stable and secure. Since this glitch is typically caused by a network issue, the Bungie Help site recommends using a wired connection temporarily to rule out the possibility of WiFi signal stability as a culprit.

If checking your connection and restarting your router didn’t work, then you may need to power cycle your console. You can do this by holding the Power button down for 5 to 10 seconds until your system resets. This will then clear your console’s cache which essentially gives it a fresh start.