Destiny 2: Forsaken, Final Fantasy XV, and Warcraft III: Reforged are your top gaming stories this week

Destiny 2: Forsaken, Final Fantasy XV, and Warcraft III: Reforged are your top gaming stories this week
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What a time to be alive. After months of rumours, ‘90s pop sensation The Spice Girls are reuniting for a new tour. Well, sorta. Baby, Ginger, Scary, and Sporty Spice are involved, but Posh – aka Victoria Beckham – isn’t joining due to other commitments. To be more accurate, she wasn’t actually asked to go on the tour. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Louis ‘you look like a popstar, you sound like a popstar, you are a popstar!’ Walsh has said he’s got no hard feelings towards Simon Cowell after leaving the X Factor for Ireland’s Got Talent. To be honest, I miss the little fella: Who’s going to roll out the clichés every week now?

As always, there’s more happenings in the world of Danny ‘I’m f***ing Danny Dyer’ Dyer. Apparently, daughter Dani is looking to make it big in Hollywood, and one person has pledged to help her achieve her dreams. No, not her dad, but Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. Yep, Fiddy and Danny are apparently good chums, with the rapper being a bit of a fan of UK crime films. Well, to be fair, Danny’s made a career out of most of them, right?

Blizzard is remaking Warcraft 3 

Okay, so BlizzCon didn’t give us the new Diablo game everyone want (rather, it gave us the new Diablo game that no one wanted), but there was some good news – a full-blown remake of Warcraft 3. I’ve never played a Warcraft game in my life, and I mostly associate the series with horror stories about people who dive in and come out the other side a full-blown hermit. Did you know that the bloke who played Sean Slater in EastEnders had a Warcraft addiction that practically left him a recluse? Anyway, Warcraft 3. It’s a big thing, probably one of the most influential real-time strategy games out there, so the appeal is pretty obvious. From the look of things, Blizzard is giving it a proper overhaul and not just a quick paint job; there’s new cutscenes, re-recorded dialogue, and a brand new suite of matchmaking and online features. If I was a Warcraft fan, I’d totally be down like a clown now.

Oh, and don’t come down too hard on Blizzard: They never actually planned to reveal Diablo IV at BlizzCon, even though it is in the works.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the best-selling Vita game in the US

Games like Uncharted really showcased just what PS Vita was capable of, although it’s a shame that Sony didn’t capitalise on its success and really push the console-quality capabilities of the hardware. Uncharted’s success is a no-brainer; the brand sells by word of mouth alone, but that’s not to take away the fact Golden Abyss was a cracking little adventurer in its own right. One thing to take away from this list though: Why the hell did so many people buy Black Ops Declassified?

Rumour: PUBG heading to PS4 in December

It’s not as popular as Fortnite (because nothing is right now), but chicken dinner-giving shooter PUBG is still up there as one of the biggest time sinks of 2018. Sony hasn’t actually said anything about a PS4 version yet, but with Microsoft’s timed-exclusivity ending, it was always only a matter of time before it made the jump. Eurogamer’s sources have also confirmed the rumours as true, so it’s just a case of waiting for a release date at this point. Problem is, will everyone on PS4 be too busy playing Fortnite to care?

Riot Games sued for gender discrimination

Kotaku’s report in the summer made for some uncomfortable reading in regards to alleged toxic working conditions at Riot. Now, fresh accusations have reared their head from one former and one ex-employee at the League of Legends publisher, slapping a lawsuit on the company for gender discrimination. The full lawsuit can be read here.

Final Fantasy XV director leaves Square Enix, three of four DLCs scrapped

Final Fantasy XV has always been dogged by problems, with the game enduring a tumultuous development cycle that saw it starting out as a PS3-exclusive and taking a decade to see a release. Sadly, fans had a double whammy of bad news this week, with not only 75% of the next round of DLC being scrapped, but also the shocking departure of director Hajime Tabata. He’s off to start his own studio, although there’s no getting away from the fact this news was totally unexpected, not to mention a massive blow for the Final Fantasy series going forward. Fortunately, there is one more DLC coming, and Comrades is going free, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow.

GTA has shipped 100 million copies

Take-Two’s latest earnings call was largely focussed on dropping some impressive numbers this week, chief among of course being the news that heist-’em-up GTA 5 has now flogged an eye-watering 100 million copies worldwide. Red Dead 2’s also not doing too shabby either, moving an impressive 17 million in just 12 days. Christmas turkey’s all around, then?

Destiny 2: Forsaken sales have not met Activision’s expectations

Destiny 2 has had a bit of a rough ride since its launch last September, although to be fair to Bungie, Forsaken did a hell of a lot right. As such, it’s a bit of shame the expansion failed to meet Activision’s internal sales projections, and even more worrying they’re looking to find ways to have consumers coughing up extra dough on microtransactions. At this point, I’d argue that Destiny 2 is in a pretty good position; as long as quality content keeps rolling out without the need for any laborious grinding, then players are going to be more compelled to keep coming back. Forsaken pulled me back in after months away, which is a massive achievement in itself, believe me.

Happy weekend!