Destiny 2 brought back Archie the Dog and players want him relocated

Destiny 2 brought back Archie the Dog and players want him relocated
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Archie the Dog, everyone’s favorite Destiny 2 exo-canine, has finally made a return to the Tower after a few months of being excluded from the story. Unfortunately, the lovable pet is still situated at the same dreary and isolated spot as before that makes it seem as if he isn’t an important part of the game’s ecosystem.

Archie can once again be found by his lonesome in the hallway near the Black Armory where Ada-1 is usually located. So unless you plan on adding an Ornament to your best Hunter build, then you most likely won’t be making your way to this particular location. Sadly, this leaves the Tower residents’ favorite mechanical dog with a glaring lack of head scratches that he typically deserves.

For this reason, players have now gone on Reddit to ask Bungie for Archie’s relocation to a more populated area. One particular user named P_UDDING even went on to create a post entitled “can we get Archie to a more loveable spot?,” in an effort to have the exo-canine moved. Luckily, their message has since received an outpouring of support from other Destiny 2 dog lovers.

A commenter suggested that Archie be moved in with Ada-1 instead “so she has a friend” since players don’t seem to visit her armory any longer. Another responder recommended Zavala’s office as an alternative because “it would add a positive vibe to a currently lonely and somber place.” “It would also follow Bungie’s logic of wanting to put him somewhere out of sight,” the same user continued.

Based on the recent reactions from numerous players, it seems almost everyone is in agreement that Archie should be moved from his current spot over to another livelier area. Hopefully, Bungie does end up relocating him soon as the Tower’s best companion deserves a regular dose of the Good Boy Protocol.

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