Destiny 2 dungeon keys are still being paywalled and players have had enough

Destiny 2 dungeon keys are still being paywalled and players have had enough
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Destiny 2 is largely known as one of the most popular free-to-play looter shooters in the market. However, the free content that it brings can only entertain you up to a certain extent, which means most players inevitably end up purchasing the different expansions that the game already has on offer. Since this gives you the chance to experience a brand new story arc with its bevy of fresh features, it almost always ends up being worth the price you paid.

With this in mind, purchasing a game’s DLC should often be enough to unlock all of the content that a new chapter brings. Unfortunately, Bungie doesn’t seem to agree with this sentiment as they continue to hide the all-important Dungeon Key behind a paywall. This forces fans to spend even more money beyond the unreasonably high retail price of an expansion and the accompanying season pass.

For this reason, players have started heading to social media sites like Reddit to bring more attention to the issue and to vent out their frustration at the same time. One user in particular named westbrook___ recently created a post stating that dungeons being sold separately may be the “dumbest thing on the planet.”

Most of the players commenting under the thread have largely agreed with the post creator’s statements with one responder saying that they would love to take their “new light friends through the Dungeons, but they’re less than keen on buying the Dungeon Key alone.” The thought of purchasing the $20 key by itself becomes even more preposterous when you take the Lightfall + Annual Pass price tag of $99.99 into account.

Since dungeons frequently include some of the best content that a season has to offer, hardcore players often have no choice but to purchase it. Of course, once players start talking about the bosses found within and the weapons you can earn after completing it, other users will want to get in on the action as well and the cycle repeats.

Hopefully, Bungie decides to bundle dungeon keys with the expansion and the season pass in the future to appease their disgruntled fan base. But with Destiny 2 The Final Shape set to be the last installment in The Light and Darkness saga, we may have to wait until the next story arc before we can see this happen.

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