New DBD killer The Unknown perks and Chapter 31 release date for PS5, Xbox, PC

New DBD killer The Unknown perks and Chapter 31 release date for PS5, Xbox, PC
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BeHaviour Interactive has finally pulled the curtain aside on the new DBD killer for Chapter 31. This new killer is available to play right now through the PTB available on Steam. Whether you are able to play the public test build or not, here are the new Dead By Daylight killer The Unknown perks and abilities with the release date for Chapter 31 on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Dead By Daylight has enjoyed a very frantic start to the year. The newest killer is still Chucky for everyone right now across all platforms, meanwhile, the newest survivor is Alan Wake. Both of these marvelous crossovers happened in chapters 30 and 30.5 respectively.

While Chucky and Alan Wake were great crossovers, BeHaviour Interactive is set to release an original episode with Chapter 31. Here is the full release date for PS5, Xbox, and PC, along with all of the perks and abilities for the new DBD killer, The Unknown.

New DBD killer The Unknown perks

Below are all the new Dead By Daylight The Unknown killer perks for the DBD Chapter 31 PTB:

  • Unbound:
    • This perk activates for 24/27/30 seconds after a Survivor becomes injured by any means.
    • After vaulting a window, you gain 5% Haste for 10 seconds. This effect cannot stack with itself.
  • Unforeseen:
    • When you perform the Break action on a Generator, your Terror Radius transfers to the Generator for 22/26/30 seconds and its radius is set to 32/32/32 meters.
    • You gain Undetectable for that duration.
    • Then, this Perk goes on cool-down for 30/30/30 seconds.
  • Undone:
    • When a Survivor misses a healing or repair Skill Check, gain 3 Tokens, up to a maximum of 18/24/30 Tokens.
    • When you perform the Break action on a Generator, if you have any Tokens, consume all of them. For each Token consumed, the Generator loses 1% total progress and then becomes blocked for 1 second.
    • Then, once the Generator is unblocked, it starts regressing.
    • This Perk goes on cooldown for 60 seconds.

All of the above come courtesy of BeHaviour Interactive’s official 7.6.0 PTB patch notes. These are all of the perks right now, but they can always be tweaked for the full release next month. Away from the The Unknown killer, you can also find the perks for the new DBD survivor Sable Ward coming out in Chapter 31, too.

DBD The Unknown abilities

In addition to all of the above perks, below you’ll also find the abilities for new DBD killer, The Unknown:

  • Killer Power
    • Press the Power button to charge UVX. Once ready, press the Attack button to launch UVX, a bouncing Projectile which creates a Blast Area upon impact. Survivors become Hindered if touched by UVX while airborne. Survivors touching the Blast Area become Weakened. Weakened Survivors lose health states if touched by Blast Area. Survivors lose Weakened by successfully Staring Down The Unknown.
  • Special Ability: Hallucinations
    • The Unknown will intermittently create Hallucinations. Hallucinations cannot be created while charging UVX, performing interactions, or in proximity to map objects like hooks. Whenever Survivors are touched by Blast Area or otherwise become Weakened, the next Hallucination’s spawn time decreases by 10 seconds.
  • Special Ability: Teleport
    • The Unknown can teleport to Hallucinations, leaving behind a temporary Decoy. Survivors can remove Hallucinations from the Trial with the Dispel ability. Weakened Survivors take longer to Dispel. If Dispel is not completed, Survivors become Weakened and trigger Killer Instinct.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 release date

The release date for Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 and the new DBD killer, The Unknown, is March 12th. This is when it will become available for everyone to purchase and enjoy across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you happen to own BeHaviour Interactive’s multiplayer horror game on Steam, you can play the PTB right now.

As for how much the DLC package will cost, it includes a new survivor, killer, and map. Therefore, it should cost roughly £6.49 similar to other original DBD chapters with a killer, survivor, and map such as Dead By Daylight Roots of the Dread.

For more Dead By Daylight content, check out the official roadmap for 2024 provided by BeHaviour Interactive. We also have a ranking of the top 10 DLC expansions to buy, and you should be aware of The Casting of Frank Stone which is a single-player DBD game in the works by Until Dawn developer, Supermassive Games.

Dead By Daylight is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.