Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap for new DBD survivor and updates

Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap for new DBD survivor and updates
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Dead By Daylight had a fun 2023. There were plenty of great additions such as Nicolas Cage, the Xenomorph and Ripley from Alien, as well as the ginger doll from Hell, Chucky. Now the new year has begun and the DBD 2024 roadmap is established. BeHaviour Interactive has revealed release windows for when updates are coming out, meanwhile, leaks have revealed the launch date for a brand-new survivor.

There is still lots going on in the world of Dead By Daylight to celebrate the new year. The DBD Bone Chill event continues until January 4th, and the newest episode right now is Chapter 30. This introduced Chucky as a killer with plenty of unique perks and abilities. Not only does Chucky have some strange perks, but he’s also the first killer or survivor to come with a third-person POV.

While Chapter 30 has only introduced a killer, a new survivor is on the way. They will come out very soon, and there are many more updates scheduled in the 2024 roadmap.

Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap

Below is the official Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap:

January – March: 

  • Quality of life and gameplay: 
    • FOV slider
    • Solution for 3-gen
  •  Killer updates: 
    • The Onryo
    • The Hillbilly
    • Blight add-ons
  •  Perk updates: 
    • Save the best for last
    • Grim Embrace
    • Quick Gambit
    • Shadowborn
    • Monitor & Abuse

March – April: 

  • Updates to statuses: 
    • Mangled
  •  Killer Tweaks:
    • The Hag
    • The Pig
    • The Huntress
    • The Demogorgon
    • The Clown
    • The Doctor
  •  Perk updates: 
    • Sloppy Butcher

April – June: 

  • Quality of life and gameplay:
    • Bloodweb Improvements
  •  Perk updates:
    • Ultimate Weapon
    • Decisive Strike
  •  Killer updates: 
    • The Twins

New DBD survivor

Although not included in the Dead By Daylight roadmap 2024, leaks say a new DBD survivor will come out on January 30th for Chapter 30.5. According to prominent leaker dvveet, the PTB will become available on January 9th/10th.

The full 30.5 release will reportedly include the following:

  • New Survivor
  •  Map Graphical Rework (Swamp)
  •  FOV Slider
  •  “Solution to 3-Gen”
  •  The Onryō Rework
  •  The Hillbilly Rework
  •  The Blight Add-On Reworks
  •  Perk Updates

The above dates haven’t been confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive as of writing and could change.

Dead By Daylight is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. In other gaming news, you can win a new PS5 console by just answering five questions, and you can also sign up to win a Nintendo Switch OLED.