New DBD survivor Sable Ward perks and how to play Chapter 31 PTB right now

New DBD survivor Sable Ward perks and how to play Chapter 31 PTB right now
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After several creepy and unnerving teasers, we finally know what’s happening with DBD Chapter 31. We now know the new DBD survivor is Sable Ward and we also know what the new killer and fresh map look like. Following the release of BeHaviour Interactive’s patch notes, here are all the new Dead By Daylight survivor Sable Ward perks with how to play the Chapter 31 PTB right now.

It’s important to note that it is only the Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 PTB out today. Players on console as well as the Epic Games store for PC will need to wait until the expansion fully launches in March. In addition to a new episode coming out next month, the official DBD roadmap for 2024 also highlights fixes and quality-of-life improvements for next month up until June.

While QoL improvements and fixes are always welcomed, it’s the release of episodes that always gets fans most excited and coming back to the Fog. The new DBD survivor Sable Ward has some great perks up her sleeve, and you can test out all of her abilities right now by playing the Chapter 31 PTB.

New DBD survivor Sable Ward perks

Below are all the perks for new Dead By Daylight survivor Sable Ward as seen in the DBD Chapter 31 PTB:

  • Invocation: Weaving Spiders:
    • When in the Basement near the circle, press the ability button 1 to begin the Invocation.
    • Invocations take 120/120/120 seconds. Other Survivors will see your aura during this and can join an ongoing interaction, increasing the speed by 50/50/50% each. If they have an Invocation Perk equipped, they increase it by 100/100/100% instead.
    • Once the Invocation is completed: You become injured and Broken for the rest of the Trial, and all Generators instantly gain 9/12/15 charges.
    • Completing the Invocation disables that Perk for all Survivors.
  • Strength in Shadows:
    • When in the basement, this Perk activates.
    • Unlocks the Strength in Shadows ability, which allows you to heal without a Med-Kit at 60/60/60% normal healing speed.
    • When you finish a heal in the basement, you see the Killer’s aura for 6/8/10 seconds.
  • Wicked
    • NOTE: The PTB features an older version of the Perk which has since been replaced. The effects listed below are how the Perk functions on the PTB, but this effect will be changed before the update goes live.
    • This Perk starts with 1 Token, up to a maximum of 5/5/5 Tokens.
    • For each Token, you recover from Mangled 20/20/20% faster.
    • For each 15/15/15 seconds spent in the basement, gain 1 Token.
    • While affected by the Cursed Status Effect, you heal 8/9/10% faster.

All of the above come courtesy of the official 7.6.0 PTB patch notes from BeHaviour Interactive. In addition to the new Sable Ward survivor, you can find all of the perks for the new DBD Chapter 31 killer, The Unknown.

How to play Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 PTB now

You can only play the Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 PTB provided you own the game on Steam. Assuming you own DBD on Valve’s store, simply follow the below steps:

  • Right-click Dead By Daylight in your Steam library 
  •   Select “Properties” 
  •   Head into “Betas”, then select Public Test Build from the list 

Unfortunately, public test builds are not available to sample on PlayStation or Xbox consoles, and they are also not available on the Epic Games store. If you play the game on any of these aforementioned platforms, you will have to wait until March 12th to enter the theatre for the first time. Seeing as there’s a new original killer, survivor, and map, the DLC should roughly cost £6.49.

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