Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion to run at 120fps on PC

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion to run at 120fps on PC
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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will reportedly run at 60 frames per second on console, and at 120fps on PC.

The game’s producer, Mariko Sato, spoke to IGN about the game’s performance. Sato said that the remaster will be “visually aligned and up to the standards of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.”

This means that it will run on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at 60fps. And that some fancy pants PCs will be able to run it in 120fps. Square Enix is also bringing the game to the Switch. And it is understood that there will be some resolution differences with that version.

The executive producer, Yoshinori Kitase, said:

“Our main purpose with this title is that we wanted a really wide range of players to be able to play on whatever platform that they desired. So we’re looking forward to seeing which platform that players go for because the gaming experience will be solid and the same great experience on all platforms.”

Square Enix announced Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion last month. It is a lush remaster of a game that originally came out on the PlayStation Portable. And only on the PSP. The original game went down well with critics. Check out VideoGamer’s review of it here. In other recent Final Fantasy news, we found out last week that the remake of VII could well have been two games, rather than three.