Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy could potentially have only been two games

Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy could potentially have only been two games
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Last month, during Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Annversary livestream, Square Enix finally confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake series would actually be a trilogy, something that had long been rumoured. Speaking to Famitsu recently though, Creative Director and Final Fantasy legend, Tetsuya Nomura, confirmed that that was not always the case. In fact, it could have been just two games!

“The reason I didn’t announce how many parts I had so far was because I was considering whether it was a trilogy or a two-part work,” said Nomura-san. The second part of the trilogy, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, is scheduled for release “next winter”. So, the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Producer, Yoshinori Kitase, added “This is one of the many ideas that came up.” Kitase-san then went onto clarify that it was hard to get the scope of the project from the outset.

“At the beginning of the development of FFVII Remake, it was difficult to see how much man-hours and development period would be required,” Kitase-san continued, “but by the time we finished making FFVII Remake, we could see the man-hours and the schedule. Therefore, it is a fact that I thought that there might be an option to make it to the end in the next work.”

That didn’t pan out to be the case. In fact, Nomura-san went onto reiterate that it will be a trilogy, with “no plan to have more than a trilogy.” In fact, the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Creative Director went onto hint that some parts may even get cut.

“Since FFVII Remake was up to Midgar, it is difficult to incorporate the contents of the original in the remaining two parts, maybe something will be omitted?” before looking to reassure fans. “You may be worried, but please be assured about the volume as it will not be a digest.”

Nomura-san also touched upon some of their other plans, hinting that some of the staff at Square Enix would also like to remaster Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII.

“Staff said that they would like to remaster “Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII-“, and tried to calculate the cost of ” Before Crisis: FFVII”, but there are no plans so far.”

The second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, launches next year on PS5.