by on Jun 25, 2021

Crimesight is a new social deduction game for PC from Konami

Konami has unveiled a new PvP social deduction game known as Crimesight, with a closed beta available to play on PC starting from today.

The premise of the game takes us to a futuristic London of 2075, where a crime-predicting super-computer has foreseen a crime that will plunge the world into chaos. Two AI modelled after famous fictional foes Sherlock and Moriarty are attempting to save or murder, respectively, a target amongst a group of avatar pawns that you’ll be playing as.

On the tabletop-based map, one player is randomly the Target and another is the Killer. Over the course of four in-game days, the Target must try and survive until help arrives as the Target attempts to murder them. The other players must attempt to figure out who the murderer is among them before the Killer can commit their dastardly deed.

The game is currently accepting applications for those who want to take part in its closed beta, with interested parties invited to follow the instructions on the game’s website. The beta kicks off via Steam today, and runs through until July 11. There’s no release date for Crimesight just yet, but you can check out a trailer below.

In the meantime, Konami has also released a beta for a ‘New Football Game’ believed to be PES 2022. You can find out more about that over here.


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