An official Call of Duty Zombies Ray Gun replica is up for pre-order

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Call of Duty Zombie fans are sure to do a little money debating when they find out that there is now an open pre-order for a life-size replica of the iconic Ray Gun.

Priced at $600 on the Call of Duty Shop, this statue is designed to look exactly as the iconic weapon does in the games. It is seen floating above the Mystery Box, which is the main way to get the weapon in most Zombie maps, and it has built-in LEDs to give it the full look.

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When the Zombies mode was first introduced back in Call of Duty: World at War, the Ray Gun quickly became the most recognizable weapon in this mode. It was a powerful weapon with a good chunk of splash damage, and it was useful for blowing off zombie’s legs and creating crawlers to give yourself a moment to breathe before moving to the next round.

Since those early days, the Ray Gun has been the one wonder weapon that continually still appears in every Zombies entry that Treyarch releases. It has its moments where it can be the most powerful weapon in the game, especially when paired with the useful PhD Flopper perk in the early titles.

Looking at the images of the Ray Gun statue, it appears to have a lot of hard work and detail put into it. It is a little disappointing that there appear to be no sounds associated with this, but having this as a set piece in your collectibles would easily stand out.

As mentioned above, you can pre-order the Ray Gun replica right now. It is scheduled to ship in June of this year, so you only have a few months to wait for your purchase.

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