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Battlefield 2042’s first season may not arrive until March 2022, according to dataminers

Battlefield 2042
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It appears that the first “proper” season of Battlefield 2042‘s post launch content won’t actually kick off until March at the earliest.

That’s according to dataminers who’ve been finding information from files in the game’s client. As reported by Eurogamer, user temporyal has found references to 12 weeks of ‘preseason’ challenges. These weekly challenges would therefore take players up to March 2022.

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Elsewhere, these same dataminers say they’ve also found references to a new map, not currently in the game. The new map is said to be called Exposure, set on a US-Canada-owned research facility base in British Columbia. The map also references a landslide, though it’s currently unknown if this will feature as a major weather event similar to the tornados and rocket launch on the existing maps.

Battlefield 2042 originally launched back in November, so it’s been quite the long wait already. However, the game’s rocky launch has led to several major bug and balancing patches, which may have set plans back. That’s not to mention the major restructure for the development teams. In the meantime, there have been some limited time additions, including 64 player Conquest and Breakthrough games last week.

When the seasonal content does arrive for Battlefield 2042, however, we’ve been promised four seasons of new stuff in the first year. This includes new specialists and battle passes, which will arrive presumably alongside the aforementioned new map. Battlefield 2042 is out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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