*Updated* ARK Survival Ascended maps release schedule roadmap for 2024/25

*Updated* ARK Survival Ascended maps release schedule roadmap for 2024/25
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ARK Survival Ascended is available to play on PC, Xbox, and PS5. ASA provides fans with a complete reimagining of ASE entirely built up from the ground using Unreal Engine 5. It is still in early access format though which means it is nowhere near the complete and final product with more content coming in the very near future. Lots of players want to know the release dates for ARK Survival Ascended maps, and Studio Wildcard has provided an update to their roadmap for 2024 to 2025 so fans know when specific maps are planned to come out.

Although not available on Game Pass, fans can download ARK Survival Ascended on Xbox Series X/S consoles. There is crossplay between Xbox, PC, and PS5, and the best part of the cross-platform multiplayer is that it comes with the addition of downloadable mods on console. This is fantastic for console users as it means they can further customize their game just like everyone is able to on PC.

The game is solid in its early access state as it’s gorgeous, full of dinos, and set in a paradise that is more than easy on the eyes. There are plenty of things to do right now, but more areas to explore are coming in the future.

ARK Survival Ascended map release dates

Studio Wildcard has changed the release dates for two upcoming maps: The Center and Scorched Earth. The Center was originally intended for May, but it is now coming at the ‘end of February’. As for Scorched Earth, this is arriving on April 1st. Both of these updates come courtesy of Studio Wildcard’s 392 Community Crunch blog post.

The Center is described as ‘a sprawling, diverse map that will redefine your ARK experience’. It is full of ‘lush jungles teem with hidden secrets, treacherous ice peaks pierce the sky, and crystalline caverns beckon with untold treasures’.

As for Scorched Earth, Studio Wildcard says players should brace themselves for an ‘unforgiving desert where every oasis is a hard-won prize and every sandstorm a test of your grit’. April 1st will also see the release of the Frontier Adventure DLC pack that contains a ‘treasure trove of desert-themed goodies that’ll make you the envy of any wasteland wanderer’.

ARK Survival Ascended maps release schedule roadmap

Below is the original ARK Survival Ascended 2023-2025 roadmap with amendments shared in the extra life 2023 recap:

  • SOTF/Cryopods – December 2023
  • Scorched Earth – March 2024 (**now April 1st, 2024**)
  • The Center – May 2024 (**now end of February, 2024**)
  • Aberration – July 2024
  • Ragnarok – September 2024
  • Extinction – October 2024
  • Surprise map – November 2024
  • Valguero – December 2024
  • Genesis – February 2025
  • Crystal Isles – April 2025
  • Genesis Part 2 – May 2025
  • Lost Island – August 2025
  • Fjordur – October 2025

As for events, the first seasonal event was Thanksgiving with the Turkey Trial update that began on December 8th. Following this Thanksgiving festivity, there was the annual Winter Wonderland event to celebrate Christmas. Now, for 2024, the first event of the year will be the Love Evolved or Eggcellent Adventures to celebrate Easter.

Per its Xbox partner preview, ASA is getting all of ASE’s previously released DLCs and maps remade in Unreal Engine 5. There will also be new story content and further quality-of-life improvements, as well as new DLC, seasonal holiday events, and 11 new creatures. All of the new maps will be free for players to enjoy.

In other ARK news, here’s how to change from third-person to first-person in ASA. As for the long-anticipated sequel, the release date for ARK 2 has been delayed to the end of 2024.