ARK 2 release delayed to end of 2024

ARK 2 release delayed to end of 2024
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Studio Wildcard has announced that the release of their highly anticipated sequel, ARK 2, has been delayed and will now be launched in late 2024. According to their official statement, this decision was made “for the betterment of the final product and the team’s well-being.”

As part of their revealing blog post, the developers would go on to say that their “goal is to make ARK 2 the best game it can be and provide a truly exceptional and rewarding experience for players.” To make this a reality, they’ll apparently be making use of Unreal Engine 5’s advanced technology to create a game with “never-before-achieved scope.”

Sadly, the game’s delay also means that Studio Wildcard will not be providing any in-game previews for the time being. With this in mind, the next prominent gameplay reveal will most likely be provided at some point in 2024, though a specific date is yet to be provided. However, they have promised to keep the community “engaged in the development process by regularly showcasing more ARK 2 assets in the months ahead.”

Because of the numerous quality of life (QoL) upgrades that the developers are planning for ARK 2, they’ve also revealed that the sequel will not be backwards compatible. This means that you won’t be able to play the game if you don’t upgrade to a current generation console by the time it’s released. Fortunately, there should still be plenty of time for you to save up and purchase a modern day system before it launches.

Although Studio Wildcard did apologize for the ARK 2 release delay, it hasn’t stopped their loyal fan base from being disappointed at this unwelcome piece of news. With the launch date getting pushed back heavily, this revelation was inevitably going to ruffle some feathers. Hopefully, the end product lives up to the hype so this minor controversy is quickly forgotten by fans.

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