How much does ARK Survival Ascended cost on Xbox? Price and how to download

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ARK Survival Evolved is an incredibly popular experience, but Studio Wildcard has brought fans an evolution and reimagining of the game. ASA is only in early access format right now, but the game looks absolutely gorgeous and it still has dozens of dinosaurs for you to fight and ride. It is coming out on console very soon, and lots of people are asking how much does ARK Survival Ascended cost on Xbox. Here is an explanation of the price along with how to download from the Microsoft store.

Thanks to launching in early access format, ASA isn’t the final product as on PC it is very rough around the surface similar to ASE when it first came out in 2015. Because of these rough edges, it has received negative reviews on Steam and currently has a mixed reception on the Valve store. However, on consoles, it will hopefully be better optimized and thus provide a more satisfying and smooth experience.

It is coming out on Xbox before PS5, and it is not free. It still costs a pretty penny for an early access game, and you can download it from the Microsoft store once the release time passes.

How much is ARK Survival Ascended?

ARK Survival Ascended costs $44.99/£37.99. This is the price for the game over on Steam, and it will be the same on Xbox. This means ASA is not free as some people may think. Again, it is an early-access product right now, so take that into consideration when making your purchase.

As for what ASA offers that is new to ASE, the game is a completely rebuilt reimagining of Evolved using Unreal Engine 5. The Xbox partner preview shares that there is a completely redesigned UI, a new Chaos physics destruction system, and Fluid and Foilage Interaction Systems. This is all part of the graphics overhaul that will completely immerse you in the beautiful landscape of mountains, waterfalls, and jungles.

How to download ASA on Xbox from the Microsoft store

You will be able to download ARK Survival Ascended for Xbox from the Microsoft store at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/5 PM GMT on November 21st. This is the official ASA release date and time countdown shared by Studio Wildcard. Be aware the game is current-gen only, meaning it is downloadable on Xbox Series X/S, but not Xbox One. Again, the game is not free either.

Once you download the game, the servers may not be live instantly. Studio Wildcard has said the new servers will be down for a few hours so everyone has the chance to download and experience the game. It is coming to a rival competitor, PS5, but the Sony launch has been slightly delayed to early December.

ARK Survival Ascended FAQ

Is ASA free on Xbox?

ASA is not free to play on Xbox.

How much does ASA cost?

ARK Survival Ascended costs $44.99/£37.99 in its early access state.

When can you download ARK Survival Ascended on Xbox from the Microsoft store?

You can download ARK Survival Ascended for Xbox from the Microsoft store at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT on November 21st.

Is ASA on Xbox One?

ARK Survival Ascended is not on Xbox One, it is only on Xbox Series X/S.

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