Apex Legends new Control game mode turns the shooter into Overwatch

Apex Legends new Control game mode turns the shooter into Overwatch
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Respawn has taken the lid off Apex Legends‘ next season and detailed its new limited-time 9v9 player Control mode.

The mode goes live next week, from February 8 and bears some strong similarities to Overwatch. It’ll see 9 players face off against another 9 players on two new arena-like maps, based on existing locations. Hammond Labs on Olympus, and Barometer on Tropic. Your goal is to take control of three zones across the map. Every zone you own earns points every second, as well as providing a respawn point for your team ala Battlefield. The first team to 1250 points, wins.

There’s also some shakeups to the familiar formula. Players will pick from loadouts of weapons, rather than per-Legend specific weapons. Timed Events will shake things up, such as Capture Bonuses that gift a large point bonus to the team that happens to own the zone it drops in. Then there’s airdrops, offering powerful weapons with limited ammo. If a team gets all three zones at any point, they trigger a Lockout. Hold the lockout until a new timer reaches zero, and it’s an insta-win.

To begin with, the mode will only be available for the first three weeks. Depending on how the mode is received and player feedback will determine its future, much like the recent permanent addition of Arena mode last year.

Elsewhere, Season 12 Defiance will also welcome new Legend Mad Maggie as previously established. There’s also the return of the Olympus map, in a new “Sabotaged Olympus” guise. You can check that out, as well as Maggie’s abilities, in the video below.

Control arrives in Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance, which goes live next week on February 8.